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Aug 22, 2014, 08:47 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Get mugged at Britannia
Well , it was about time that one of the most beloved Irani restaurants Britannia & Co had a parting shot or err...a coffee mug of its own for keepsakes.

While you drool over the succulent Chicken Berry Pulao and heavenly portion of Mutton Dhansak and ultimately, wiping that plate off clean by enjoying the enviable balance of bitter-sweet in their Caramel Custard, do not forget to pick up their special mug.

The red-checked cloth and their chicken logo is unmistakably Britannia. Designed by the Kala Ghoda-based Filter team at Alok Nanda & Company, the mug stands for the city’s love for this 90-year-strong “Kohinoor”.

Timings 12 pm to 4 pm
Available at Britannia,
Ballard Estate, Fort.
Cost Rs 500

Standing committee, seating problems
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s standing committee finally has its renovated hall, after more than four months of “making do” with a borrowed hall. Odd as it may sound that a standing committee carries out deliberations while seated, the hall has been equipped with new furniture, including spanking new office chairs.

The renovated hall, complete with new chairs
The renovated hall, complete with new chairs

Sounds good? Unfortunately it was too good to be true, as the committee members discovered when they took their seats. Being brand new, the chairs lack that comfy feel, and most of the members struggled to adjust them, with the result that scant attention was paid to the meeting proceedings.

Touch-up for touchdown
With the state elections approaching, there’s a visible sense of change in Navi Mumbai. Not exactly a shocker given politicos’ tendency to buckle up and do something visible a few months before the vote is cast. After all, such desperate moves are known to help win the ruling party some brownie points with the aam janata.

The political lines are drawn. Pic/Shakti Shetty
The political lines are drawn. Pic/Shakti Shetty

For instance, last month, bad roads were layered up with tar in some sectors. And this month, we notice the civic employees repainting traffic lines down the centre of a road that doesn’t really see much of vehicles in the first place. One heck of an attempt at leaving an impression with the voting public!

That’s what pals are for
Who says designers are fierce rivals? In fact, they can be the best of friends. Not just cheer them on from the front row, they can even walk the ramp! We’re talking about young Nishka Lulla who was the show-starter for her good friend Vaishali Shadangule, much to the surprise of those in the packed house on day two of Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 at Palladium Hotel on Thursday evening. Nishka, who has shown earlier at LFW, wasn’t showing this year but she sure made her presence felt.

The supporting act for designers is also pronounced by friends who decide to wear their favourite designer, if they get the outfit free from the designer or not. Rashmi Nigam was seen wearing Shruti Sancheti and cheering her on at her show. Also cheering her on was another designer who wasn’t showing this time around, the popular Ken Ferns, who clapped lustily.

Rashmi Nigam at Lakme Fashion Week. Pic/Shadab Khan
Rashmi Nigam at Lakme Fashion Week. Pic/Shadab Khan

Ken Ferns and Rashmi Nigam were seen later chilling out in the VIP lounge. While Ken was sipping his favourite tipple, Rashmi opted for a diet soft drink, not because she does not drink but because she was driving (good girl!). Of course, the lounge has been the chillout and hangout spot before, after and in between shows with the music blending beautifully with the cocktail chatter. - Marcellus Baptista

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