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Aug 11, 2014, 07:53 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Go Gujarat
Khushboo Gujarat Ki, that seemed to be the resounding theme at the Gujarat Tourism press conference held at the Palladium Hotel (Lower Parel) on Friday morning.

Dandiya raas at the Palladium, as Gujarat revs up for tourist season. Pic/Emmanual Karbhari
Dandiya raas at the Palladium, as Gujarat revs up for tourist season. Pic/Emmanual Karbhari

The Imperial Hall was packed with travel industry professionals and media. Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Tourism Corporation Gujarat Limited (TCGL), was bullish about current and future prospects of tourism in Gujarat.

On a screen behind, Amitabh Bachchan spoke about the Black Buck and Udwada (with a reference to Breach Candy’s Dr Udwadia), as AB, the ambassador asked people to visit Gujarat. A slew of festivals from the Monsoon Festival to Navratari and Diwali, are being promoted to brings tourists into Gujarat.

Amidst all those numbers, including talk about the public-private model, perhaps the most welcome part was when Kaul stated that there would be, “An accent on public conveniences” on State and National highways in Gujarat.

Decode that to more loos on the roads, as the State government has realised there is a need for these. We hope other tourism boards too, think about this.

In fact, Gujarat is looking at the network of roads in Europe and the USA, dotted with public conveniences and hoping to follow suit. This is one copycat model we say meow and wow to.

I've got five
Quality education, will help to bring about a corruption-free country, said Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam while inaugurating the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Guru Nanak College, GTB Nagar, Sion recently.

The Missile Man as the former Prez is known as, offered 5 Mantras to students. Stressing on education, he touched a chord when he claimed that he, like so many others, wished India becomes corruption-free.

A P J Abdul Kalam
A P J Abdul Kalam

He also said that more emphasis should be paid to research in this country. Look right on the board for the missile man’s high five.

Hoof Speak
‘Constant efforts are being made to renew the lease of the Mahalaxmi race course which expired on 31st May 2013. Meetings with the Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra and senior officials of Mumbai Municipal Corporation have been held though it appears unlikely that any decision will be reached prior to the State Assembly elections in October 2014’.

Illustration/ Amit BandreIllustration/ Amit Bandre

This bit of information comes to us from ‘Hoof Print’ the Royal Western India Turf Club’s (RWITC) e-magazine to its member base. For those not in the know, the Mahalaxmi club’s 100 year lease expired last year, and, now the city is on tenterhooks about what is going to happen to the shiny, green emerald of SoBo. Meanwhile, since this comes from ‘Hoof Print’, we can say we got this straight from the horse’s mouth.

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