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Sep 08, 2014, 08:43 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Video Wise
As the Ganesh festival ends today with Anant Chaturti, Culture Machine, a digital media company has launched a video based on the festival. Shot in Aamchi Mumbai, the video chronicles Ganpati celebrations across the city.

Called Mumbai on Ganpati Celebration, the 4 minute 40 second long video features comedian Karan Talwar who takes to the street, to speak to the people in the city about the various aspects of their favourite festival.

In the video, Mumbaikars test their mythological trivia about the God and at the same time sing their favourite visarjan song. Some people even showcase their Ganpati festivity dance moves.

The video also talks about the vital concept of the newly introduced eco-friendly Ganesha with a key message of saving the environment. The conflicting opinions on loud music during the festival is also discussed by the people on the street.

Watch out for them
We see them, sporadically. Little children doing a balancing act on a rope on our roads, while people give the parents accompanying them, some money.

Little girl on a rope
Little girl on a rope

Here, we see a little girl doing this rope trick at Chinchpokholi. While one understands that the poor are desperate, one cannot help but feel sorry for these kids who are used as machines by their family.

Without any protective headgear, perched on a rope high above the roar of traffic in the city, they put life and limb on the line as they walk a tightrope, literally. While this scene does pull in the crowds, the sight is heart-rending too.

Trash Course
Of late, one has been seeing spanking new dustbins at quite a few locations in the city. One is at Santacruz (E). They have also been spotted at a few places at Shivaji Park and near Mantralaya, too While it is always good to have trash cans accessible and even better if citizens can deposit rubbish in them and leave the streets clean, the BMC’s initiative to earmark these bins for Dry Waste and Wet Waste is a trifle optimistic, even if well-intentioned.

Most people on the road do not really know what is Wet Waste and Dry Waste. One can see many of them near these bins, trying to debate where that water bottle goes, or, the piece of paper they have in their hand.

In a city not used to trash cans at all, and where public littering is unfortunately, part of the norm, segregating waste on the street is perhaps too many steps ahead. Yet, if we have to make a start somewhere, then it is good to atleast let people start thinking about Dry and Wet waste. Google wet and dry and go, figure!

Purr-fect Commute
How often do you come across a cat travelling in a crowded local train? We suppose, not very often. Well, neither do we. So, we were mighty surprised to see a Persian cat inside the train compartment on the Central Line, recently. The bundle of furry joy was the star of the commute with everyone trying to take a look at her.

Feline guest in this compartment
Feline guest in this compartment

And it managed to be so without a sound! Her shy owner seemed embarrassed by the attention but he obliged just like his pet. People not only tried touching her out of affection but also clicked pictures of her. Like a diva queen minus the diva antics, she proved to be the reason behind several smiles and laughs. Also, she was undoubtedly the most well behaved commuter around. Cool cat this.

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