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Jul 05, 2014, 07:22 IST | Contributed by: Hemal Ashar, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

The Tao of images
THE Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University’s Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography (BVSoP) has announced its Albus Atrum 14, the second edition of a photo exhibition by its second batch of students who passed out of the school’s Diploma Program in 2014.

CLICK PICK: One of the images at the show
Click pick: One of the images at the show

While visitors to Tao Art Gallery in Worli will be more familiar with paintings, a picture, is a picture, is a picture. So, the Tao will be hosting photos instead of paintings this time. The 150 images span disciplines like fashion, portraiture, still-life, food and beverages, automobile, travel and people photography amongst others. The exhibition is open to all on the weekend.

LIGHT RIGHT: Broken bulbs make a new-age picture
Light right: Broken bulbs make a new-age picture

For starters, we liked what we saw and if you do too, a trip to Tao (Worli, opposite Eden Hall building), next to Copper Chimney restaurant, is in order. As bonus, post exhibition, a walk at the Worli Sea Face stretch is in order.

Salt-kissed waves rising up to meet you, succulent corn on the cob with crunchy kernels and the wind blowing your hair back. It’s a good season and reason to be at Worli. Albus Atrum on July 5 and July 6, 2014.

Fun in the rain
THE great Mumbai boating festival has begun. Enjoy free boating in Kurla, Milan Subway, LBS Marg, Sion, Hindmata and more. Hurry! Offer valid till waterlogging lasts. Issued by BMC in public interest. This is a WhatsApp joke but hey, it sounds all too plausible!

Going head-to-head
THIS page is pretty unequivocal when it comes to slamming ads that send out the wrong message. Among these are bike ads showing dangerous stunts, all in the name of excitement. We continue to condemn in the strongest terms the use of unnecessary stunts to showcase a bike’s attributes.

(File picture for representation)

On city roads these are not the qualities called for. And on city roads, as we have so often and so tragically seen, they are dangerous, potentially fatal. And while journalists are sometimes snidely referred to as failed copywriters, the fact remains that there is enough creativity in the ad world to produce may we say kick-ass ads without having to resort to stuntsmanship. But at the same time we can’t help laughing.

Because even as the models in the ads perform the most foolish acts perched on bikes, they do so while “safely” wearing — you guessed it — helmets. So the message here seems clear — go ahead and endanger the lives and safety of people around you, other motorists and pedestrians, as long as your own head is ensconced in a regulation helmet! Maybe we can say, safety is all in the mind...

Fast aid!
YOU may not know that the staff of the BEST bus service, in addition to handing out tickets and (grudgingly) small change, are also well versed in first aid. Well, think about it, if you’re stuck on a road and feel sick, who better to help you? In fact, sometimes even medicine is not required — just quick thinking and a tried-and-tested home remedy will do, as we witnessed recently.

Help at hand: The BEST conductor plays many roles. (FILE PICTURE FOR REPRESEN-TATION)

As we were waiting to savour a sandwich at our local snack corner in the city recently, a BEST bus suddenly slowed down, and almost came to a stop. Inside we could see that space had been cleared around a passenger who appeared to have fainted. A man hopped out from the front door, calling to the sandwich seller, “An onion, an onion, quick!”

He grabbed a peeled onion, leaped back on through the rear door, and passed the onion to the other passengers in the bus. In the blink of an eye the onion reached the conductor, who crushed it expertly against a seat handle, and used it to revive the passenger who was in distress.

The original commuter had by then reboarded the bus, and it was on its way with barely any disruption.

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