Mumbai Diary Page: Saturday scene

Aug 02, 2014, 05:33 IST | Waleed Hussain, Shakti Shetty, Shilpi Sampad, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Thinking on their feet
While the city was abuzz on Thursday with rumours of cloudbursts and a repeat of a 26/7-like flood, a bunch of college students were spotted outside Dadar station in an ecstatic mood. The reason for their sudden excitement?


Their classes had been cancelled owing to the heavy downpour. And the motley crew now had the entire day to themselves. Plans were being made, tossed in the air, quashed and newer ideas kept sprouting. Let’s catch a movie, said one, while the other silenced him with, “Ticket ka paisa kaun dega.” The energetic group finally settled on two options — cricket or football. And after another few minutes of arguing, football prevailed. Guess why? Because it was raining and there is no other fun that can replace a round of slushy football. Whether the fictional rugby scrums of Tom Brown’s School Days or street football at Dadar — boys, we say, will always remain boys.

In times of luggage
EVER since our city became the target of various kinds of attacks, the general reaction of most commuters is to refrain from meddling with any unattended piece of luggage. So bags perched on overhead racks in trains are safe from prying hands.

Get hooked: Necessity is the mother of jugaad. Pic/Shakti Shetty
Get hooked: Necessity is the mother of jugaad. Pic/Shakti Shetty

But when trains are so packed that people themselves have no space to stand, squeezing a bag onto a crowded rack becomes a Herculean feat. Never deterred, enterprising Mumbaikars have found a way around this dilemma, too. The solution is simple — carry a hook as religiously as one carries one’s season railway pass.

Seeing Red
Typically, Mumbaikars have quickly shared basketfuls of tomato jokes, many of them parodies of famous Bollywood “dialogues”. A sample...
“Yeh tamatar mujhe de de, Thakur!” (Sholay)
“Mere paas tamatar hai.” (Deewaar)
“Main aaj bhi pheke huwe paise nahin uthaata…” (Muqaddar Ka Sikandar) “…Tamatar ho toh alag baat hai!”
“Tumhein chaaron taraf se police ne gher liya hai! Ape saare tamatar kanoon ke hawaale kar do!” (This one could be from any Bollywood action film, really.)

A woof of true love
Surviving on the streets is difficult enough; you don’t know when (and if) your next meal is coming or where you will sleep. But having a companion makes the struggle a tad easier. And when the companion in question is a dog, you know it’s a lifetime bond.

true love

The furry, four-legged creatures never judge you; they are always happy to see you and are grateful for your company. This picture of a dog accompanying a homeless woman on a local train only reinforces that fact.

CR woes? Just take the metro!
Central Railway is notorious for delays and cancellations during days of heavy downpour. Commuters are often left stranded for hours trying to get into town, with services to CST being cancelled owing to waterlogging at Kurla and Sion. A smart Mumbaikar came up with a perfect plan to overcome the handicap. He was heard giving instructions to a colleague who was stuck at Ghatkopar and wanted to reach the office at Fort. The smart one advised his stranded friend to take the Metro from Ghatkopar to Andheri, and use the western railway network (which was running on schedule) to get to Churchgate and then walk or cab his way to Fort. Smart move, we must say. Coming from a Mumbaikar, it’s no big surprise though.

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