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Apr 17, 2014, 06:54 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Cool, says Kashish
Kashish, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) international film festival 2014, has a huge thumbs up for the Supreme Court of India granting recognition to hijras and transgenders by creating a 'third gender' status, deeming them a socially and economically backward category, hence granting them special provisions for admission to educational institutions and employment opportunities.

A still from a film to be shown at the festival
A still from a film to be shown at the festival

The SC also added that if a person surgically changes his/her sex, then he/she is entitled to the changed sex and cannot be discriminated against. The Mumbai festival director, Sridhar Rangayan said, "This is a landmark judgment that will have far reaching effects on rights and welfare for the transgender community in India."

He added, "Every year, we program many films on transgender issues and they are greatly appreciated. This year too, there is a spotlight on transgender films as well as a panel discussion planned." KASHISH runs from May 21 to 25 this year.

Heritage, what?
The leafy environs of the JJ School of Art saw some avian excitement yesterday. A flock of crows (yes, that’s the official collective noun) circling over the trees near the fine arts school led to the fire brigade being called. They found a dead crow entangled in kite string, and brought it down.

The CST station building
The CST station building

But the din continued, so a more sophisticated crane with an extendable arm and cab was requisitioned. The firemen in the cab cleared the foliage like explorers in the Amazon, and carved a path for the crane to reach one of the highest branches, where a kite (bird, not paper), which was alive and kicking, was similarly entangled.

A spectator tells us, “Mumbai’s finest then carefully untied the bird who patiently cooperated with the gents. Firemen and bird were then conveyed to the ground amidst a pattering of applause. The bird was later set free.” Well done, Mumbai Fire Brigade!

Extra Vex-Tra:
One spotted this advertisement on a BEST bus with an extra EN in the title of Sony's new TV series Encounter. Talk about never ending N's.

Buy a horse, today
Going shopping? You could add something unusual and very expensive to that shopping basket. You could buy a horse. Just go to the Mahalaxmi racecourse paddock tomorrow, Friday, April 18 and a sale for horses would be on.

Models at the Mahalaxmi paddock, tomorrow, horses will parade here
Models at the Mahalaxmi paddock, tomorrow, horses will parade here

Racing horses, which owners wish to sell, will be up for sale. In equine speak they are also known as horses in training sale. A sale for horses is a little different from your regular sales.

Horses do not have a fixed rate but are bought by auction, dahlings. Fixing rates is so down market. Moreover, a horse sale is not for everyone. Only 'registered' people are allowed to participate here.

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