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Jul 31, 2014, 08:43 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Anglo eye
The All India Anglo-Indian Association, Mumbai Branch is kicking off a calendar of events for members of the branch with World Anglo-Indian Day, tomorrow at the Catholic Gymkhana on Marine Drive.

Blossom Lillywhite
Blossom Lillywhite

That is followed by a slew of events like youth camps, dinner ‘n’ dance evenings, and social gatherings. This is surely the season for all kinds of ‘days’ from Friendship Day to Hepatitis Day to others. Now, it is time for Anglo-Indian day, celebrated by just a sliver of the community still surviving in India.

Tomorrow’s do features a live band and non-stop dancing, so you might need chicken soup for the soles after that! In fact you don’t have to go far, because Catholic Gymkhana does dinner too, though we don’t know if that’s on the menu for tomorrow. If you want more details, email

Little enthusiasts learn firefighting
The recent blaze at a commercial building in Andheri was a sombre reminder of how close one can be to tragedy. It makes sense, then, that each one of us should have the basic knowledge of what to do in certain kinds of emergencies, such as fire, short-circuit, lift failure etc.

A fun way to learn serious stuff!
A fun way to learn serious stuff!

But sadly many of us lack such knowledge, and some of us tend to panic first and think later, even though there is no actual danger. A cool head and calm action are called for and maybe the answer is to catch them young.

Of course, it is make-believe fire. Pics/Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar
Of course, it is make-believe fire. Pics/Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

A mall in Ghatkopar seems to have taken a step in this direction, when it held a firefighting “activity” for children at its premises recently. Of course, the little ones had a gala time playing at being fire department personnel, in the size-appropriate truck and environment. We hope they learn and remember what to do in case of fire.

'Lights out' on Andheri skywalk
It's going from bad to worse on the skywalk connecting Andheri railway station to parts of the eastern side of the suburb.

No light at the end of the corridor
No light at the end of the corridor

While metro commuters are by now inured to the non-functioning lights on the connection between the railway and metro stations, those taking BEST buses and autorickshaws were in for a taste of andhera (darkness) in Andheri as the skywalk suffered a blackout on Tuesday night (except the end just outside the metro station which lacks a roof!) Coupled with the pouring rain, it left people using the light from their mobile phones to make, or rather wade, their way, grumbling and fumbling, not to mention stumbling.

Tap tap or tok-tok-tok?
It is almost as if advertisers and ad agencies are out to offend, in one way or another. A new television commercial for a quick way to recharge your prepaid phone, DTH or data card shows people recharging in various weird ways, with the tagline being that until these things are possible, the advertiser’s service is the easiest way.

Unfortunately the first ad we saw put us off this service right away. It shows a young woman in a restaurant topping up her prepaid phone by tapping it on the head of a bald man at the next table (after politely asking him if she can, and thanking him later). Apart from being insulting (at least, we thought so) to the follicularly challenged, it is so painful to watch that we wince and turn away.

Another ad in the series shows a man placing his phone between his cat’s legs to recharge it. We can just see the animal lovers’ hackles rising. This one is equally silly, and we can’t help wondering why not show people tapping their phones in a way that doesn’t look painful? On their credit card, say, or perhaps their computer mouse. But if the aim is to provoke a negative emotion, this campaign works!

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