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Mar 18, 2014, 08:00 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city - sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Senses and sensibilities
The five senses came alive on day five of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 at the Grand Hyatt. Here are some highlights of the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Walking the walk. Pic/Shadab Khan
Walking the walk. Pic/Shadab Khan

Sight: Men who think they look hip in shorts should not sit on the front row, for their hairy legs look incongruous amidst ladies who cross and uncross their lovely legs.

Hearing: Shonali Nagrani talking about her Labrador named Lucy who delivered six pups and that she was looking out for friends who would take good care of them. The father of the pups was a dog called Moshe who stayed one floor below Lucy. A case of woman on top! And when someone asked Maria Goretti whether she wanted a drink she said she does not drink during Lent. Good girl!

Taste: Pooja Bedi raving about the taste of a cocktail called Picante, concocted by Shatbhi Basu. The spicy drink sure tickled the tastebuds of this spice girl!

Smell: The aroma of fragrances worn by the women and a few good men, and the whiff of the wonderful food emanating from the hotel kitchen.

Touch: Hugs and kisses galore (so what if you can’t remember the name of the person!) and the sting of mosquitoes in the garden lawn at Rajesh Pratap Singh’s grand finale. Showstopper Kareena Kapoor may have not felt the sting but she sure looked bitten by the fashion bug. - Marcellus Baptista

For the love of hockey
After the Mumbai Schools Sports Association cancelled the boys’ U-10 hockey tournament due to insufficient entries, St Stanislaus School in Bandra came to the rescue, taking up the mantle to hold the event under their banner as part of their 150-year celebrations.

Fr Jude Fernandes, principal of St Stanislaus School. Pic/Sundari Iyer
Fr Jude Fernandes, principal of St Stanislaus School. Pic/Sundari Iyer

Thus is was that the final of the Fr Oliver Andrade Boys’ U-10 Hockey Tournament was held at the St Stanislaus ground in Bandra on Sunday. For the record, Don Bosco ‘A’ (Matunga) beat St Stanislaus ‘A’ 1-0 to win the title.

But the bigger headline was the joy felt by St Stanislaus principal Fr Jude Fernandes SJ, who said that the tournament was a godsend. “We had a hockey tournament on Republic Day last year to kickstart our school’s 150-year celebrations to encourage kids to take up hockey. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have the tournament again this year.

Call it a miracle or god’s will, after MSSA cancelled the U-10 hockey tournament the parents and coaches approached me and asked if we could host the tournament. For me it was like a divine reminder, and I agreed to have it at our school ground. And now we end our 150 years celebrations with the U-10 hockey tournament. I couldn’t be happier than this.”

Howz the composition, Ms Diwekar?
Fitness trainer and nutrionist Rujuta Diwekar added yet another book to her range with the release of Don’t Lose Out, Work Out! at a Bandra hotel on Saturday. Diwekar’s poster girl, Kareena Kapoor, celebrity at the launch (Diwekar shot to fame as celebrity trainer and nutritionist. She was Kareena’s trainer and nutritionist while Bebo was on a weight loss regime) naturally had all the cameras on her.

Rujuta Diwekar (r) with Kareena Kapoor
Rujuta Diwekar (r) with Kareena Kapoor

Seeing those of our ilk photographers and journalists at the event, one thought of Rujuta Diwekar’s earlier book, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. In that book, Rujuta had written in the appendix she (Rujuta) was interviewed “prime time on numerous TV channels” when it came to Kareena’s weight loss, with people speculating about anorexia and she going on orange juice diets.

Talking about the journalists who had interviewed her, Diwekar had used the term: “Journalists with unhealthy body compositions” and then added in brackets in her book: “Sorry, they really don’t take care of themselves”. Ahem, Ms Diwekar, you may have a problem with our body compositions, but we don’t hear you complaining about the publicity that we give you…

Holi and high life
It was a happy Holi with a high at a Holi party at a Peddar Road venue, on Sunday evening, as the singers belted out Hindi and a smattering of Gujarati numbers (the audience was predominantly Gujarati).

Kalakhatta spiked with vodka added to Holi revelry
Kalakhatta spiked with vodka added to Holi revelry

The audience were on an absolute roll they were loving it, as the McDonald’s catchline says. Part of that buzz could be attributed to the kalakhatta vodka shots consumed at the snack counter.

These were unique, filled in syringes, and the guests could simply press and pour them into their mouths. Call this an intoxicating injection and idea. Kalakhatta-vodka, fine fusion, no confusion.

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