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Jul 08, 2014, 08:31 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Wrong kind of hike?
When it turned out that a lot of parents and “oldies” were joining Facebook, reports emerged that young people were leaving Zuckerberg-land although we’re not quite sure where they have gone, if they have gone at all.

With MySpace having vanished into space and Orkut gone kaput, maybe some bright young sparks will have to set up a whole new cyber meeting ground for themselves. WhatsApp was similarly the new big deal on the block, until everyone and their aunt began to get on it.

WhatsApp groups now include train buddies, tiffin-sharing circles and kitty-party gangs. So what’s a kid to do?? Why, turn to the next new messenger app, of course.

You may have seen ads for it on TV, showing an old-fashioned boy (we think he looks retro-cool, but that’s just us) whose friends make fun of him until he becomes “cool”, sports a modern hairstyle, and “hikes” up his life.

The subsequent commercial, however, has left us a bit puzzled. The app has a feature which allows the user to control who sees when he or she was last online, and is thus touted as a way to fool the parents. But the ad is being shown on TV which can be watched by parents as well as the target audience. So how exactly are parents supposed to get fooled?

One for the Oldies
Anyone notice that the blue-and-white of the Argentina football team jersey looks a lot like the old-time Kwality ice-cream colour scheme? Those were days when vanilla ice-cream came in paper cups with the typical blue-and-white stripes outside. For some, the colours immediately evoke a cool memory. Hope it doesn’t get hot for the boys from South America...

When a complaint is welcome...
During the recent brouhaha over the Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia case, where the junior tycoon has been accused of molesting and assaulting the actress, the media were complaining to the city’s top cop that they were not being given enough information about the case by the senior officer who was supposed to speak to them.

So this officer was summoned and instructed to hold daily media briefings. As it happens, another senior IPS officer, who is keen to court the media, heard about this. At the next possible opportunity he buttonholed some of the journos who had raised the issue. His grouse: “Why didn’t you complain about me? I would gladly have met you guys and given you information every day!”

The ravages of time
Contrary to what it looks like, this isn’t a film set of a post-apocalyptic movie. In fact it’s a mall near Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai.

Due to low footfall rate and decline in business over the years, all the floors - including the now-defunct escalator - wear a deserted look except for a multiplex. Like they say, cinema is forever.

French flavour at Goregaon
Spot kick or should that be spotted? We saw French footballer Mikael Silvestre at Goregaon’s Oberoi Mall on early Sunday, July 6 evening.

Mikael Silvestre
Mikael Silvestre

The player, who is now a familiar face, thanks to the ongoing Café Rio during the World Cup, seemed to be off commentary duty and was spending an evening at the mall like hordes of other people, the Oberoi Mall was packed to the gills.

Silvestre, French footballer, was wearing a T-shirt that read France, obviously unfazed that France has been booted out of the Cup.

Whatever that maybe, the crowds at the mall, resembled a packed football stadium in Brazil. Silvestre would have needed all his skills to weave through those crowds to get to the goal the shop he wanted to reach that Sunday.

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