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Oct 28, 2014, 08:16 IST | Contributed by: Hemal Ashar, Ashwin Ferro, Maleeva Rebello, Sundari Iyer, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Breast Cancer awareness via video
The month of October has been dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness. Taking this initiative forward, digital media company Culture Machine has released a series of awareness videos on each Sunday of the month.

The video campaign was launched on the Being Indian channel and aimed at reaching out to a larger audience in a creative and abstract manner. The central message of the video is awareness of the need for every woman to get herself checked.

The first video which was released on October 5 shows a man running to convey the message that women should get regular mammograms to check for lumps. The second which was released on October 12 is a silent video with many bras hanging representing the comparison between rural and urban women likely to be affected by breast cancer.

The third video released on October 19 shows the numbers of women across the world getting affected by the disease, and the final one, a music video, was released on October 26. You can see them on:

Not towing the line!
There's no doubting the fact that the owner of this towing van is a Shah Rukh Khan fan what with the superstar’s hit flick Chennai Express written across the vehicle’s back.

Where’s the number? Pic/Ashwin Ferro
Where’s the number? Pic/Ashwin Ferro

But while that is a no-no going by our traffic rules, the van has flouted an even bigger road safety norm by not having a number plate as it zipped out of the traffic chowky opposite Sion hospital yesterday. The vehicle’s number is haphazardly scribbled across the rear of the van and is not even readable.

A Road Transport Official was sitting right beside the driver of the vehicle as off they went about their job nabbing traffic violators in and around the Sion-Matunga stretch ironically in a vehicle that violates traffic rules itself!

A seat for the man in khaki
Having security personnel in the ladies’ first-class train compartment is reassuring, but we guess the policemen have a hard time of it too, standing hour after hour.

The other day we got into a first-class compartment and saw a policeman occupying a seat, with his bag and rifle occupying another seat next to him. This, while some women had to stand. When one woman asked him to get up, he said he was terribly tired and needed to rest his aching legs.

“We are also human, madam, please understand,” he said. The woman was nice enough not to oust him, but when the train reached a major station and it became very crowded, the cop did get up, and took up position near the door.

There’s a clown in town
So, who are Dee Dee, Skiddles, Lo Lo, Toto, Puff and Flubber? These strange but comic names are particularly apt. They are names of clowns who are going to be in Mumbai for the International Clown Festival, India, happening at the High Street Phoenix (Lower Parel) on November 1 from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.

Dee Dee Skiddles
Dee Dee (left) and Skiddles are coming to Mumbai. Clowns bring you the brighter moments in life

The last time these clowns were in Mumbai, they delighted audiences with a slew of performances, including a heart warming visiting to the KEM Hospital ward for haemophilia patients, where they brightened up the day for haemophilic children.

In a world with a surfeit of violence, doom and gloom, clowns are like a burst of sunshine on a drab day. Waiting for you, Dee Dee, Skiddles and Lo Lo.

What’s in a name?
Oneof our colleagues was happy at receiving a small Diwali gift from a cousin, who told her cryptically, “This is something you will like.”

The gift turned out to be a set of coasters depicting images of old Mumbai (Bombay, as it was then). Since our colleague is a fan of all things old and nostalgic, she was happy... until she read the lettering on the coasters.

The city’s landmarks had been identified as “Floral Fountain” and “Crawfort Market”, to name but two. Shuddering at what she termed “blasphemy”, our colleague is now wondering what to do with the gift. Re-gift it to a proofreader?

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