Mumbai Diary: Saturday scene

May 10, 2014, 06:31 IST | MiDDAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Get nutty in Goa
Many Mumbaikars will be making plans to head to the neighbouring sun-and-sea venue of Goa for the summer. What better way to spend these lethargic afternoons?

Those who are making tracks southwards may look out for the first Coconut and Cashew Festival that Goa Tourism is organising, from May 21 to 25 at the Campal Grounds in the state’s capital city, Panaji.

Contributed by: Hemal Ashar, Dhara Vora, Vidya Heble

Along with coconut water and cashew juice and nuts, those who are inclined to imbibe can also try some feni, and foodies can sample typical Goan delicacies.

Yes, we know there is sun in Mumbai too — but it sounds like more fun at the neighbours’!

A dash of American masala
The May theme at the US Consulate in the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is Indians in the US. At 2pm today the Consulate will screen the 1992 Mira Nair film Mississippi Masala. The movie is about an Indian family expelled from Uganda after Idi Amin comes to power. They come to Mississippi where the daughter falls in love with a black man, and both families have to come to terms with that. The movie is sure to resonate with those who have family members in the US — and also in Britain, as that is the place so many Indian families fled to when Idi Amin came to power in Uganda.

Mango Meter
While other fruit such as pomegranates and melons vie with the mango for attention in the market stalls, there is no denying that it is the golden oldie that invites the most argument. Following hot comments on social media, mid-day began its online poll at last week to find out which is Mumbai’s favourite mango. 

So far, the Alphonso has been galloping ahead in the popularity race, while Kesar and Langda follow, almost even, but far behind. Totapuri and Neelam are at the bottom of the basket but surprisingly the local Paayri is also at a sorry level.

Even if you are not a mango maniac, we are sure you have a favourite. Let’s put it this way — if you bought a mango, which one would you put your money down for? Have you voted yet?

Sweet news in café world
There were several in the city who groaned last month at the news that the historic Grant Road café, B Merwan & Co, would be shutting shop. But a glimmer of hope had come from our news report (April 16) that the eatery might open again, and we can unclench our teeth now, for here comes the news that Merwan’s is not, after all, doomed.

The mawa cake gods (if there be such) have smiled, and the doors of the Irani restaurant, located just outside Grant Road (E) station, are going to be open again next week. On May 15, to be precise, according to several sources who have been thirsting to hear just this. The café is said to be due for an overhaul in service, but we hope that the look and feel, and of course the food, remain unchanged.

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