Mumbai Diary: Saturday scene

Apr 25, 2015, 08:30 IST | Hemal Ashar, Shrikant Khuperkar, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Tackling disease before it hits
When it comes to maintaining good health, people from the lower-income groups are the worst off, as they have few resources for health care, and often live in unhygienic conditions as well. The charitable healthcare organisation MedScapeIndia is holding a multi-speciality health camp for the residents of Thakkar Bappa Colony, Kurla, today.

As consultant radiologist and MedScapeIndia chairperson Dr Sunita Dube says, “People are forced to live in poor hygienic conditions with lack of proper sanitation facilities. Improper disposal of waste and drainage facilities has made this area a breeding ground for life-threatening diseases.”

Suggested follow-up treatment will be provided at an affordable cost, says the organisation. Looking at the cost of even simple medical treatment today, this seems like a really good move. Hope other organisations and hospitals follow suit.

Malaria Mantra
There are days and there are days and in fact, now we are flooded with so many days marked for this and that occasion, that it is no longer just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but this day and that day.

So, today, Saturday April 25, is also ‘World Malaria Day’ and docs across the city are spreading awareness about malaria prevention and how to tackle the disease, which seems to hit the headlines regularly in the city, given the amount of stagnant water on our roads thanks to the amount of construction everywhere.

Dr Akshay Challani, General Physician at the Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi, says it is also important to create awareness on drug resistant malaria. The doc says that, “people suffer more due to late detection or self medication. Now a new fear of drug resistant malaria is on its way to enter India so a need of awareness is necessary.”

Applying repellents while going out, using machines at home and hygienic living can help prevent against malaria. The doc also warns people not to self-medicate, even if you have a fever. Like they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… So, remember malaria is not your buzz-ness, it is the doc’s.

Snack attack, the cheap way
Farsan, that catch-all word encompassing all sorts of fried goodies (sometimes baked, these days, for a healthy alternative), is a surefire draw. And so what if there is no shop space or stall space in which to sell it?

No permissions, shop rent, overheads to pay - all you need is a car, the smaller the better! Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar
No permissions, shop rent, overheads to pay - all you need is a car, the smaller the better! Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

This enterprising vendor has decided to sell farsan from his Nano, at Mulund East. He does business for just two hours in the evening, and he says that is enough all his stock gets snapped up. Not surprising, considering he is advertising it as being available at wholesale rates.

Yours faithfully
Not just people and events, even beloved pets get commemorated in the form of poetry, music, paintings... and sculptures.

Pic/Sameer Markande

In the renovation of Esplanade House, the Mumbai residence of the founder of the Tata empire, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, not to be forgotten was the statue of this family dog larger than life and a reminder that loyalty and love span generations as well as species.

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