Mumbai Diary: Saturday scene

Aug 29, 2015, 08:52 IST | Hitesh Chudasama, Shrikant Khuperkar, Dhara Vora, Sadaguru Pandit

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Humans of Fashion Week
Among the many high-heeled, well-dressed fashion week attendees, sisters Noura, Dalal and Lulwa always stand out with their impeccable dressing.

Pic/Pradeep Dhivar
Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

Attending the fashion week as buyers, they are owners of a boutique, Laki Noon (in Arabic, Laki means for you and noon is a term used for woman, Noura explains), in Kuwait.

“Amongst the three of us, we are wearing 14 different designers,” Noura proudly tells us. And these include talented Indian names such as Armaan and Aiman, and Ragini Ahuja.

Oakblue baby, I spot you
A young environmentalist, working with a nature conservation organisation spotted an uncommon species of butterfly, known as The Large Oakblue in the premises of Bombay Natural History Society’s Conservation Education Centre in Goregaon recently.

The Large Oakblue
The Large Oakblue

The species that is found during drier seasons in Thane and Yeoor was captured by Rushabh Shah, of SARRP (Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programme). Isaac Kehimkar, author of ‘The Book of Indian Butterflies’ said that while the butterfly isn’t rare, it is also not found during this season in Mumbai.

“Large Oakblues like moist and damp places, so they are not spotted outdoors in the rains. The best time to spot them is from February to April around Thane and Yeoor. So, this is an uncommon sighting, for sure,” said Kehimkar.

Floral footbridge
It’s always nice to see a play of colour in the least expected spaces, let alone a foot overbridge. As Malayalis the world over celebrated Onam yesterday, this diarist was surprised to spot this floral decoration at Dombivli railway station.

However, we wonder how long this arrangement will stay undisturbed to the perils of the rush hour madness in a typical suburban railway station.

Kaali-peeli wisdom
This diarist spotted a rather profound message on the rear of this black and yellow taxi on Mumbai’s streets

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