Mumbai Diary: Sunday shorts

Updated: Nov 09, 2014, 09:30 IST | Hemal Ashar, Rinky Kumar and Shakti Shetty |

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

The skipper with a sense of humour
When Chennai Super Kings coach and former Kiwi skipper Stephen Fleming visited the mid-day office this week to promote New Zealand tourism with regards to the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, which will be held there along with Australia, he displayed an uncanny sense of humour. 

Chennai Super Kings coach and former Kiwi skipper Stephen Fleming

When a journalist asked him which are the five adventure sports that one should indulge in at New Zealand, he said tongue firmly in cheek, ‘Kabaddi’. The assembled scribes broke into large bouts of laughter.

If this wasn’t enough, when he was asked which was his favourite Indian cuisine, he replied, ‘New Zealand lamb with liberal servings of curry’.

Now here, is one cricketer who loves to laugh at the small of things and be happy!

Seating disorder
Railway commuters fight for seats as if they were ancestral thrones; most of them behave as if they've never seen a seat before. This whole conundrum about wanting to be seated — no matter what one’s age is — tells us something about our priorities. Who knows? We could have built a better city if our inhabitants showed half of the passion they show to win a seat. A window seat is treasured so much despite the fact that the journey can’t possibly be long enough to enjoy the view. Against such a melodramatic setting, we were pleasantly surprised to find a young man who wouldn’t take a seat. He preferred to stand in the aisle between the benches and continued to read a book. On being asked by a fellow commuter to sit, he calmly replied, “Office jaake baithna hi toh hai. (I have to sit in office, anyway).”

Will be there, virtually
We live in a global world and a virtual one, too. So, the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai on the occasion of World Science Day and its anniversary day in collaboration with CMS and Atlas group of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, who operate the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is organising a virtual visit to the LHC’s two largest facilities CMS and ATLAS for school students (Class 8th to 12th) at the centre. 

This is thanks to specially established connections in between Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and CERN.

The centre states that this virtual visit will provide a platform to students and teachers to directly interact with CERN scientists from Control Centre(s) of LHC/CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in real time. Science aficionados can now have the best of two worlds, tomorrow at 11 am inside the green and salubrious environs of the centre at Mahalaxmi.

For those of scientific temperament, it is not the Monday morning blues but a Monday morning to look forward to. 

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