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Aug 30, 2015, 02:01 IST | Clayton Murzello, Phorum Dalal, Dhara Vora and Benita Fernando

For a corporate bigwig, Gautam Vazirani, Senior Manager, IMG Reliance, came across as refreshing

Humans of Fashion Week
For a corporate bigwig, Gautam Vazirani, Senior Manager, IMG Reliance, came across as refreshing.

Gautam Vazirani
Gautam Vazirani 

"I am wearing something designed by me," he reveals. He isn't new to sourcing fabrics and designing clothes for his wardrobe, his colleagues told us. Vazirani feels that his interest in fashion and creative bent makes it easier for designers to interact and schedule shows with him.

Mumbai traffic talk in Colombo
As rain threatened — and succeeded — in ruining Day One action of the third and final cricket Test between India and Sri Lanka at the Sinhalese Sports Club in Colombo on Friday, batting stalwarts-turned-commentators Sunil Gavaskar and Sanjay Manjrekar made their fellow studio panelist Russel Arnold proud.

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar 

Arnold, the erstwhile Sri Lanka batsman, listened to the Mumbai duo wax eloquent on the Sri Lankan capital — how it's clean, and the fine manner in which traffic discipline is followed — all for Mumbai to emulate.

Gavaskar was emphatic when it came to the importance of the zebra crossing and whether the right things are taught at driving schools here, while Manjrekar, an eternal critic of road offenders, said how annoying it was to be at the receiving end of honking from an impatient driver when you stop at a traffic light.

Gavaskar's first visit to Colombo as an India player was back in 1974 when he went there with Ajit Wadekar's Indian team for two unofficial Tests. Manjrekar did not tour Sri Lanka in his playing days. That's a bit of trivia, but their rain break talk in the Colombo studio was not trivial for sure.

A road less travelled
Always the ones to give you some interesting feminist mind-chow, Genderlog put out a relevant brain-teaser last Wednesday on Twitter —How many city roads are named after women? Twittervese went a bit quiet, and rightly so, since there are hardly any major roads in metros that are named after lady luminaries of the nation.

Lady Jamshedjee Road, better known as LJ Road in Mahim. Pic/Nimesh Dave
Lady Jamshedjee Road, better known as LJ Road in Mahim. Pic/Nimesh Dave  

Dr Annie Besant Road was one that came up often, along with Lady Jamshedjee Road. Just when we could not think of any more, a ray of hope came in form of tweets that mentioned Nargis Dutt Road and Pandita Ramabai Marg.

And that, folks, was unfortunately the end of the really short list of four roads in Mumbai named after women. But we are better off than Patna. A resident tweeted that she couldn't think a single major road in her city bearing the name of a woman. Is anybody listening?

Goa's new shining star
AND India's topography just keeps getting greener. Celebrity chef and Australian model Sarah Todd, who won the hearts of viewers on MasterChef Australia 2014 with her aloo gobhi, is set to open a restaurant called Antares in Vagator, Goa, in collaboration with Ashish Kapur of Moods Hospitality.

Sarah Todd
Sarah Todd 

The menu at the eatery, whose name refers to the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky, draws inspiration from modern Australian cuisine with a hint of Asian influence.

We hear the model-turned-chef likes to keep it simple and healthy with fresh ingredients, exotic flavours and classic cooking techniques. She has a crispy spot for the charcoal grill, too. Looks like our favourite Goa restaurant, Thalassa, will finally get competition.

Funding the foodies
If you thought social media sites are a waste of time, well, not always! Food Talk India, a social media food community, recently raised a seed investment commitment of half a million dollars from a private investor. Founded in 2013 by Delhi-based Shuchir Suri and Anjali Batra, it started as a by-invite-only group on Facebook.

Food Talk India 

Today, it has over 50,000 members and is a key influencer in the digital food space with 400K followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Viber. The founders, an ex-event manager and PR executive, will use the investment to launch Food Talk Plus — a local dish discovery mobile app, which will be ready in 30 days.

According to Batra, "The idea was to form a secret, ad-free space where members could talk about food. We also host events. If someone wants to eat Spanish, all they need to do is post a query. You'll get a recommendation in less than three minutes."

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