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Jun 02, 2016, 08:57 IST | Team MiD DAY

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

China, the desi dragon is here
It was full house at the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) at Churchgate’s Walchand Hirachand Hall on Tuesday evening. The young and the restless audience waited for an interactive session with Adi Godrej, chairman of Godrej group of companies, to kick off.

Adi Godrej at the event on Tuesday evening. Pic/Suresh Karkera
Adi Godrej at the event on Tuesday evening. Pic/Suresh Karkera

While Godrej’s inputs on the Indian economy, which he claimed has demonstrated good growth, were met with a few smiles, it was his strobe light focussed on China that was particularly interesting. Godrej stated that good economic policies of the current government could see India overtaking China and US as the world’s largest economy by 2050 on a PPP basis.

He also said that the demographics favoured India, as the country’s young population was positive and the growth trajectory could be strong at a time when China’s population is on a decline. Of late, with China becoming the country to hold as benchmark and competitor, it was no surprise that the Godrej honcho’s Hindi-Cheeni comparison held everyone’s interest.

Weight and see
Actor Suniel Shetty was spotted at the launch of former Bigg Boss participant Claudia Ciesla’s book on weight loss last evening.

Pic/Shadab Khan

The starlet, remembered for her item song, Balma, is now a certified nutritionist. But the only weight Shetty needs to lose is on that beard.

Hail the Queen
It’s not what you think. We haven’t switched loyalty to colonial rulers but are hitting a nostalgic track. Yesterday, the famous lifeline between Mumbai and Pune — the Deccan Queen — celebrated another year of existence.

Deccan Queen. Pic/Sameer Markande
Deccan Queen. Pic/Sameer Markande

The train first chugged off a platform in 1930, and marked a milestone in the history of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (later Central Railway). It was the first deluxe train to be introduced by the railways.

According to the Central Railway archives, the train held the impeccable record of “right time start” and “arrival”. In today’s age of late starts, courtesy Mumbai’s famed locals, this rani gets our salaam.

Bandra gets a new seafood bastian
Remember Sebastian, the crab who played Ariel’s sidekick in The Little Mermaid? Well, the little red crustacean is the inspiration behind the name of Bastian, Bandra’s new seafood specialty restaurant that sits opposite National College.

Chef Kelvin Cheung (right) The nautical themed interiors of Bastian
Chef Kelvin Cheung (right) The nautical themed interiors of Bastian

Helmed by chef Kelvin Cheung of Ellipsis fame, and chef de cuisine Boo Kim — barely five months after the duo began dishing out scrumptious small plates at Bandra gastro-pub One Street Over — the sprawling space features nautically-inspired decor and family-style platters that carry Chinese and Korean flavours.

From Fried Man Tou (Chinese Buns) to Lobster Kimchi Fried Rice and Steamed Norwegian Salmon, the menu features a variety of seafood fare with customised options too. And there’s something for shakaharis, too. How about a dinner of Charred Teriyaki Broccoli, Thai Green Curry and Old Monk-infused cheesecake?

The day you love music
After a ‘World’ day dedicated to the environment and our parents, here’s another one coming up this month.

Indiva at an earlier performance
Indiva at an earlier performance

A leading music-themed restaurant chain in India is celebrating World Music Day (June 19) at outlets across the country, and naturally, Mumbai is on the roster.

Indiva, the all-woman multilingual band and cult act and Indian Ocean feature as star acts at a special gig. If you are a succor for ‘days’, and music rocks your world, well, celebrate.

Mad about Maddy
The 3 idiots will remain friends, clearly.

Pic courtesy/Aamir Khan’s Twitter account

We were warmed by a post and photo shared by Aamir Khan on his Twitter account wishing his 3 Idiots co-star, R Madhavan on his birthday. He wrote: ‘Maddy, my dearest Farhan, many happy returns of the day! Love. Rancho!’

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