Mumbai Diary: Thursday theme

Jul 02, 2015, 07:52 IST | Vidya Heble, Dhara Vora, Fiona Fernandez

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Boman and the boys
With over 3,500 plus students, teachers and parents from over 20 schools, Immaculata 2015 hosted by St Mary’s ICSE school ended on a high last Sunday.

Actor Boman Irani with one of the younger students at St Mary’s, Mazagaon
Actor Boman Irani with one of the younger students at St Mary’s, Mazagaon

This unique two-day inter-school event saw some of the best talent across the arts, sports, literature, culture, music and dance. The event, the brainchild of principal, Father Kenneth Misquitta S.J., has ensured that Mumbai’s students have an ideal platform to showcase talent and their managerial skills.

Every element from finding sponsors to conceptualising out-of-the box ideas — all of it was by the students. Former Marian, actor Boman Irani lifted spirits with his appearance at the inauguration of the festival. Our source tells us that he got the crowds of young Marians in a tizzy with his memories of his wonder years at St Mary’s ICSE, Mazagaon.

Now, take a selfie course
In the last two years, the world seems to have gone selfie-mad. Companies are releasing phones, beauty creams, clothes, pimple creams, all with the tagline of being ‘selfie-ready’.

If we got a dollar for every time we saw someone taking a selfie in a day, we could buy an Apple 6. Cashing in on the hype is the news that reputed computer training company Aptech, has launched an online 13-minute course that will teach you how to take selfies like a pro.

We didn’t know that one needed professional help while taking a selfie. But then we were reminded of reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently launched a book filled with her selfies, titled, well, Selfish.

PS: The course is available in Hindi and English.

Gent-le retort
So, it’s train lore when you hear the gents ‘log’ dub the ladies special as ‘Maal Gaadi.’ Taking a cue from this, we heard an interesting term coined by a smart alec fellow woman commuter. She chose to call the gent’s compartment, ‘Golmaal Dabba’. Full marks for trying.

Needed: A Left Campaign
We are not talking about politics. But just heeding the siren calls on the roads. When an ambulance is heard approaching, in most other countries motorists will veer away and let it pass.

When you hear the siren of an ambulance, move to the left
When you hear the siren of an ambulance, move to the left

Not in our lovely land, at least not in Mumbai that we have observed. Here, vehicles in front of the ambulance will stay right there, hoping that the others in front will give way and they can take advantage of the clear road to speed ahead.

Besides being an embodiment of the typical attitude of “Let them do it first”, this is a punishable offence and we think ambulance attendants should note registration numbers and get these drivers prosecuted. A campaign undertaken by Mumbai's traffic police and supported by the relevant social media routes, is “Move left when you hear the ambulance siren.”

This, we feel, can be taken a step further. Where the ambulance sports its identity on the front, in reverse so as to be seen in rear-view mirrors, the words ‘Move Left’ should be similarly added below it, so that drivers then cannot make any excuse.

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