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Aug 27, 2015, 08:16 IST | Clayton Murzello, Dhara Vora, Fiona Fernandez

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Now, a book on Smita Patil
Finally, there’s a biography on one of our finest actresses — Smita Patil. We couldn’t fathom why nobody had attempted a biography earlier. New York-based journalist and book critic Maithili Rao will be writing a biography on the life and times of Patil who was one of the leading lights of New Indian Cinema of the mid-1970s.

Smita Patil in a scene from Bhumika
Smita Patil in a scene from Bhumika

Her applause-worthy body of work will be presented in this title, Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence (HarperCollins) that looks at the talented actor’s rise from childhood to her stardom, her controversial marriage and untimely death.

The book will also look at her filmography that straddled New Indian Cinema and mainstream Bollywood with amazing ease. Watch out for this blockbuster that is expected in October.

Who’s who?
National Resource Centre for Inclusion in Bandra seems to have got mixed up with a few eminent names on their notice board.

Pic/Sameer Markande
Pic/Sameer Markande

While they have correctly named the President and Prime Minister of India, they seem to be caught in a time warp as far as Maharashtra’s Governor and Chief Minister go. Brush up on your current affairs, pronto! 

A wave from Sir Don Bradman
Today marks the 107th birth anniversary of Sir Don Bradman, the greatest batsman ever to have walked the earth. Several cricket enthusiasts can boast of possessing an autograph from Sir Don but very few have had the pleasure of either seeing him or meeting him at his residence on 2 Holden Street, Kensington Park in Adelaide.

Sir Don Bradman. Pic/Getty Images
Sir Don Bradman. Pic/Getty Images

A colleague in our newsroom recalls how he very nearly saw the great man on his visit to Adelaide in 2000 while reporting on the Indian cricket team’s 1999-2000 tour of Australia. He knew from the start of his journey that meeting/interviewing the Don would be impossible but a mere visit to his dwelling was worth a story.

The cricket reporter was accompanied by another writer and two photographers, who waited outside the compound, admiring Bradman’s bungalow while our man was interviewing the cricket God’s neighbours.

Suddenly, the Don was at his window and waved to the trio. Our colleague missed seeing Bradman, but his consolation was that the neighbours didn’t hesitate to speak with him for his story.

Humans of Fashion Week
Style files from the fashionistas beyond the ramp: Communications professional, Deepanshi Tandon handles one of the most tiring tasks at the fashion week, show pass allotments.

Pic/Pradeep Dhivar
Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

“It is very difficult to say ‘No’ to people, but we have to. Because everyday, you can’t let in someone’s friend’s brother’s cousin in or it will be chaotic,” she reasons.

Tandon is usually seen in a mix of fitted and loose silhouettes; comfort and colour being the foremost factor in deciding the outfit of the day.

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