Mumbai Diary: Tuesday Dossier

Mar 07, 2017, 09:31 IST | Team Mid-Day

The city - sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

why the long face?
Kumar Sanu seems displeased with something, while fellow singer Alka Yagnik touches up her make-up on the sets of a reality show in Goregaon yesterday. Pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

(From left) Ashima Arora, Kirti Bhoutika and Atul Kochhar at NRI. Pic/Nimesh Dave
(From left) Ashima Arora, Kirti Bhoutika and Atul Kochhar at NRI. Pic/Nimesh Dave

When chefs and masterchefs meet
We remember drooling over chef Atul Kochhar's finale challenge on Masterchef India last December, where he asked participants to recreate his signature dish, Chana Gosht.

Well, if you're keen to try it, head to the Michelin-starred chef's BKC outfit, NRI for dinner till March 16. Kochhar has collaborated with the show's winner Kirti Bhoutika and first runner-up Ashima Arora to curate a collaborative six-course pop-up menu.

On offer are Curry Mee (Malay Indian curried noodle soup), Laphet Thoke (Burmese Green tea salad) and Shrimp Lumpia (Indonesian fresh rice paper rolls). We're especially keen to try the dessert, Orange and Fennel Bhappa Doi, considering sweet treats are signature skills of both the young home bakers.

Pic/Sameer Markande
Pic/Sameer Markande

In honour of the Mithi
Many Mumbaikars were unaware of the existence of the Mithi river until the 2005 deluge soaked the city to its bones. Of the many reasons responsible for that fateful July day was the fact that the Mithi had been reduced to a stagnant drain.

Last Sunday, non-profit organisations, Jal Biradari and River March, organised a parikrama (circumambulation) around the Mithi to show solidarity and commitment towards conserving Mumbai's rivers. Come monsoon and we'll know if the lessons from 2005 remain fresh in memory of the city's residents — starting with not treating our water bodies as trash cans.

Sophie's choice
We had an 'aaawww' moment as soon as we spotted this frame of Sophie Choudry and her mum on social media. Moments before she took the stage for a high-glitz affair where she walked the ramp, Choudry shared this photo from backstage with her mum, who she dubs as 'momager' (mom + manager).

Most of us wouldn't debate the title, now, would we?

Lisa's love affair with Hong Kong
Every time Lisa Ray visits Hong Kong, her happiness becomes palpable. While the accidental actress, as she likes to call herself, has been throwing her weight behind a cause that promotes literacy and girls' education, she has also been trying her hand at her newest passion — tennis.

Given the zest Hong Kong fills her with, it's no wonder that she calls the place her second home.

Who's behind Nikhil Chinapa?
Nikhil Chinapa has recently joined a reality show as a 'gang leader', and the popular TV presenter and VJ is learning how to have fun on set, thanks to the man behind him in this pic — Ranvijay Singha, who is also a part of the show.

The two go a long way, and we were reminded of it when Singha recently said, “I still remember lurking around his MTV Select set to see how he does it, back in 2003!” Well, going by Singha's own popularity as a television host, we can say that Chinapa taught him well.

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