Mumbai Diary: Tuesday Tales

Apr 14, 2015, 08:17 IST | Fiona Fernandez, Shrikant Khuperkar, Shashank Rao, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Malwani feast at Shivaji Park
AMID all the furore over popcorn and dabheli, there is some tasty news coming out of Shivaji Park. Residents of the area have sighted a food truck (more like a van, but who cares) which drops by and parks at around 7.30pm every evening. Our Shivaji Park correspondent reports that the truck, which began operations at the beginning of this month, is parked in the same lane as Raja Rani Travels, “near the famous kulfiwallah”.

SHivaji Park

That probably rings a bell with those familiar with the area, we guess. The truck, which offers Malwani seafood delicacies, is apparently backed by a political party and has become popular with seafood-fancying residents. And you won’t find zunka bhakar or vada pao here — it’s bombil fry, surmai masala, crab curry, etc, and reasonably priced.

FISHY BUSINESS: For seafood lovers, it is a treat at Shivaji Park. PICS/VINAYAK BALIGA
FISHY BUSINESS: For seafood lovers, it is a treat at Shivaji Park. Pics/Vinayak Baliga

We’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… maybe that applies to all genders! Guess someone has figured out that issues may come and go, but food is forever.

Track crossing? Yes, at Vangani!
NO MATTER how bad, one expects access to railway stations from both east and west. And that is the case for the most part among the 176 suburban stations on our local railway lines — except at Vangani station on the Central line. Vangani is just after Badlapur and a few stations before Karjat. The station has a foot overbridge on the east side, but not on the west. What do passengers from the west do then? Cross the tracks to and from the platform, of course.

DANGEROUS: But for commuters to and from Vangani, on the west, there is no option. PIC/SHRIKANT KHUPERKAR
DANGEROUS: But for commuters to and from Vangani, on the west, there is no option. Pic/Shrikant Khupekar

And it’s not that nothing has been done about this. The passengers’ association chairman, Manohar Shelar, has been approaching the authorities to get proper access from the west, but he says that the amount sanctioned for this in 2004 was diverted towards a stabling yard at Badlapur. Vangani has been left in the cold. The passengers are now planning to agitate if the bridge is not constructed by the monsoon.

On the one hand, the railways educate people about the dangers of crossing the tracks, and on the other, Vangani commuters have no choice but to do just that.

Vikram Seth the poet
WHILE Vikram Seth might be known for his blockbuster prose, few are aware that he has published five books of poetry (including and a book of animal fables in verse too). Author of titles like A Suitable Boy, The Golden Gate and An Equal Music, we are elated with the news of a new standalone collection of poetry, Summer Requiem (Aleph) that comes 25 years after his earlier collection, All You Who Sleep Tonight. The new title looks at the shifting of seasons with a focus on summer. Until A Suitable Girl hits stands in 2017, this should satisfy Seth fans.

METRE MAN: Novelist and poet Vikram Seth
METRE MAN: Novelist and poet Vikram Seth

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