Mumbai Diary: Tuesday Tales

Jul 21, 2015, 08:25 IST | Suprita Mitter, Fiona Fernandez

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

No, thank you!
In a recent encounter with a driver of a private luxury cab service, the diarist was privy to an interesting conversation. The driver was upset about women passengers and the manner in which they bargain.

He also seemed particularly peeved about how they say the city is so unsafe but are ungrateful to good Samaritans. He told us about how he had recently ferried a lady passenger from a swish south Mumbai club.

According to the driver, she had a fight with her companion before hailing this cab even as her companion attempted to stop her. As the driver reached the address entered on the GPS system, he turned to ask the passenger the exact location where she wanted to be dropped.

The passenger was fast asleep by then, and couldn't be woken up despite various attempts made by the driver, including turning off the air conditioning in the cab. Finally, he decided to allow her sleep as he sat outside the cab, to avoid getting into any trouble with the police, while simultaneously keeping a watch on his cab.

When the passenger woke up in the wee hours (after four hours) of the morning, she guided him to her destination, which happened to be just three buildings away from where they had halted. The fare was Rs 250 plus approximately, which is the fare from Colaba to Andheri.

This brand of luxury cabs, does not have waiting charges! When the driver tried to reason saying that he had lost a lot of business that night, the passenger told him that rules were rules.

Art Deco darshan
Mumbai’s Art Deco buildings on the Oval Maidan will get their rightful place in the sun, thanks to an upcoming exhibition of facades and details by the Sir JJ School of Architecture.

Titled, Deco On The Oval, the show’s tagline explains the theme Celebrating Bombay’s Most Loved Art-Deco Facades. The show begins on July 28, but the eye-catching poster tempted this diarist to post this as a teaser for the real deal. Don’t miss a dekko.

Picked for Mumbai
This diarist couldn’t help but borrow from an ad jingle that used to be aired on good ole Doordarshan, in the 1980s, which ended with the words ‘nice cream’.

We hear that Movenpick, the ice cream giant will open shop in the city this week, after their entry into Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

The company is planning to open nearly 50 ice cream boutiques (goodbye, ‘parlour’) in the next three years. Ice cream fanatics have more reason to loosen their belts for a heady whipped cream indulgence.

Maha impact
This book cover grabbed our eye. The story, Our Incredible Cow, by literary great, Mahasweta Devi is an English translation from the Bengali original, while the engaging colour palette by Ruchi Shah was refreshing as well.

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