Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Dossier

Oct 28, 2015, 08:01 IST | Dipanjan Sinha, Hassan M Kamal and Suprita Mitter

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Tinkle turns 35
Tinkle, India’s largest all-comic magazine published by Amar Chitra Katha, that has entertained children and adults with characters like Suppandi and Shikari Shambu will complete 35 years this November.

One of Tinkle’s most loved characters, Suppandi
One of Tinkle’s most loved characters, Suppandi

On the occasion, they will release a bumper 108-page special issue with the theme — 35 years of taking a break, Rajani Thindiath, editor, Tinkle, tells us. “This issue will feature crowdsourced stories. We had invited children to send in ideas; the best have been turned into comics.

The issue will also introduce a new female superhero. Her superhero name is Wing Star and her human name is Mapui. “Mapui’s father is an inventor and with the help of his invention, she can reach people in need. But she is confused if she wants to always help people in need.

This process of discovery is her story,” Thindiath says. This packed edition will also have a special feature where all characters get together for a few fun activities.

Soha, so good
An evening soiree was hosted by Designer Sumona Parekh (left) to showcase her Bridal/ Fall Winter 2015 Collection themed Festive Florals.

Actresses Soha Ali Khan (centre) and Sonal Chauhan (right) were at her store, sporting designs from Parekh’s line.

The joke is on you
If you thought you have had enough jokes on how film censorship works in India, wait till you watch a new video, Censor Qtiyapa, by The Viral Fever. You will ROFL. Literally. You might also end up learning a few new abuses.

A video grab with Mahesh Bhatt (centre) and Sudhir Mishra (right)
A video grab with Mahesh Bhatt (centre) and Sudhir Mishra (right)

Get the point? Right. Qtiyapa (you should be able to guess the meaning of the word by now) highlights the agony that young filmmakers in the country experience when they have to get their films past censorship, even if it’s self censorship by a special board created by filmmakers.

The film features a few established and non-established names who had to face censorship (including a blatant Sudhir Mishra, an enlightened Mahesh Bhatt and a missing Anurag Kashyap), offering solutions on how to successfully pass the board using tried-and-tested methods to show love-making scenes (remember the two flowers in old Bollywood films), or express violence, and anger without actually engaging in it.

Watch this 10-and-half-minute video, for a fresh dose of censor humour. There are lots of back-end jokes but even then, entertainment is guaranteed. For a dekko, log on to

Thank you for the music!
In this picture, conductor par excellance Zubin Mehta acknowledges the standing ovation at the end of the second and concluding concert that was part of the Australian World Orchestra’s three-city tour of India.

Zubin Mehta
Zubin Mehta 

Mehta wowed Western Classical music aficionados seated at the packed Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA. The cream of Mumbai’s culture set turned up to support and cheer for city boy, Mehta, including Shobhaa and Dilip De, Devieka Bhojwani, Monica Vazirally, Anil Dharker and Kiran Nagarkar.

Fat to fit in seven days?
We find the ‘before and after’ fitness advertisements as hilarious as the ones that promote fairness creams and other such products that offer quick fixes.

Here’s another idea to jump on to the bandwagon. A company called Robusfit that claims to be India’s first functional fitness programme has launched a seven-day ‘Fat 2 Fit’ challenge, starting from November 1.

They claim that you can burn the flab in a single dose of a workout that includes high-intensity, scientifically designed sessions supported by a personalised nutrition programme.

If you’re keen to try this short cut, head to 16 A , Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W) or call 66716740. The verdict is still out on this claim.

Art class with Sudhir Patwardhan
As a part of the Mumbai Local’s sessions, Monday witnessed an interaction with artist, Sudhir Patwardhan, who spoke of five of his paintings and the insightful stories behind their making.

One of Sudhir Patwardhan’s artworks
One of Sudhir Patwardhan’s artworks

The session held at Somaiya Vidyavihar saw the artist share with the audience the pleasures, pains and the rich experiences that helped create these works.

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