Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Whispers

May 20, 2015, 07:58 IST | Maleeva Rebello, Sadaguru Pandit, Waleed Hussain

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Quake relief football tourney achieves its goal
Malad residents Ronnie D’Souza, Joe Miranda and Reuben D’Souza have achieved their goal, quite literally. The trio, as we had mentioned recently, had floated the idea of organising a football tournament to generate funds for the earthquake victims in Nepal.

The The UK United Tigers and UK United Lions teams after the tournament
The The UK United Tigers and UK United Lions teams after the tournament

They put their plan into action over the weekend in the form of the Futpro five-a-side rink football tournament at the Justin Grounds in Orlem. The tournament attracted 40 teams from across the city and in a keenly contested final, UK United Tigers beat UK United Lions 2-0 thanks to a brace by Man of the Tournament, Sherwyn Quadros.

Interestingly, the UK United franchise that has been consistently achieving success in rink football tournaments across the city, is owned by restaurateur Ronnie, who had earlier promised to contribute a part of his team’s earnings (if they won the title, that is) to the tournament’s overall quake relief collection. They did, and the team owner has kept his promise.

“After deducting the costs (ground, referees, catering, lights, etc) of organising the tournament, we collected R 20,000, and as promised I will contribute half the earnings (Rs 15,000) from my winning team’s prize purse (Rs 33,000),” said Ronnie. So, the total amount collected for quake relief is Rs 35,000, and Ronnie, Joe and Reuben literally had a ball doing so!

Back to their roots
The Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) a Parsi non-government organisation (NGO), has organised a week-long educational summer camp for Parsi children. The camp started on Monday, May 18 and will go on till the end of the week. The camp is open to children between the 5 to 15 years of age.

The children show off their art work as they spread the ‘Clean India’ message
The children show off their art work as they spread the ‘Clean India’ message

Set to have various activities like treasure hunt, quiz, sports and games, cooking competition, storytelling, and the camp will also include lessons on how to speak and write Gujarati. The aim of the camp is to get the children closer to their Parsi roots.

The camp had the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ as the theme for a poster making competition which saw 300 children create posters and charts to inculcate the importance of cleanliness and hygiene yesterday on Day 2 of the camp.

Located at four different venues in the city Cusrow Baug at Colaba, Rustom Baug at Byculla, Tata Blocks at Bandra and Salsette Colony in Andheri the camp has seen a total of 300 children attending in the last two days. The camp is from 11 am to 6 pm with ‘make-learning-fun’ games through the day.

“We live in a headphone-driven society where kids of all ages are depend on their smart phones, laptops and flat screens for knowledge and entertainment. Seldom do we think that we are eroding their fertile minds with misinformation and western ideals.

It’s time we take the baton into our hands and preserve and nature our future rightfully”, said Hoshaang Gotla, founder of XYZ, explaining why his NGO has started the camp. “People keep complaining that the Parsi community is shrinking day by day, but what are they doing to curb it?

We young Zoroastrians feel it’s our responsibility to take matters into our hands so that our rich culture doesn’t die a slow death,” said Bazyan Mistry, a volunteer with XYZ.

It’s in the name
After the death of nurse Aruna Shanbaug demise on Monday, the Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party both proposed different options for commemorating her by naming an institution after her.

The Sena’s proposal to name the soon-to-be-completed nursing college inside Bhagwati Hospital after Shanbaug was backed by Mayor Snehal Ambekar and MLA Sunil Prabhu, but Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis trumped everyone when he tweeted on Tuesday evening that the

Nursing Training School in Thane would be named after her. “Maharashtra Government decides to give Late Aruna Shanbaug’s name to Nursing Training School, Thane. Our infinite salutes to her spirit!” he said.

Right Direction, Wrong Side
Sometimes, even having the best of intentions is not enough. Execution can let you down. We witnessed an example of this in the western suburbs recently, when we came across a signboard pointing the way to a certain institution.

The banner that can’t make up its mind
The banner that can’t make up its mind

Clearly and confidently, it pointed and said, ‘Turn Right’. The arrow below the words, however, pointed to the left. Result: Presumably confused viewers. Ah well, maybe it serves to make life a little more interesting, perhaps.

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