Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Whispers

Sep 30, 2015, 07:59 IST | Maleeva Rebello, Shreya Bhandary, Dhara Vora, Dipanjan Sinha

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Actions matter
The last Sunday of September is observed as World Deaf Day (WDD). To mark this day, on September 28, TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India), a public charitable trust, conducted an awareness programme at Inorbit Mall, Malad.

The TRRAIN deaf members perform the sign language flash mob. Pic/Sharad Vegda
The TRRAIN deaf members perform the sign language flash mob. Pic/Sharad Vegda

With the aim of sensitising people about the deaf community, the campaign saw a flash mob with the WDD song performed by 40 speech and hearing impaired people in sign language. The dance was followed by the Pankh anthem, which is the Wings of Destiny initiative song.

This was followed by a skit that was based on how the deaf are treated in society and their struggle for jobs. A sign language contest to help the common man communicate better with deaf people wrapped the evening. Under Pankh, TRRAIN is committed to provide sustainable livelihood to People with Disabilities (PwDs).

The celebration was aimed at building awareness and sensitising people about the deaf community. TRRAIN also hopes to motivate them to get equal access to education and modern technologies like any other common man through this.

The classroom got cool
Jesuit schools in the city have put together a ‘fun-filled’ grooming session for teachers; this will include photographs and powerpoint presentations during class, use of mobile applications as well as drama and speech training to encourage teachers to use technology to enhance their teaching skills.

“The purpose is not just to get teachers to use technology while teaching, but to also have fun while along the way. We want to spread the message that textbooks should only be used as a source, while teaching should include other information that kids can’t find in textbooks,” said Fr Francis Swamy, co-ordinator of the Jesuit Schools Board in Mumbai.

Along with these, teachers will also be trained in yoga, zumba and a foreign language in order to keep their mind with things other than just work. Scheduled to be held at St Mary’s (ICSE) School in Mazagaon today, nearly 500 teachers from Jesuit schools will participate in this workshop has been titled, Rang Bhare Teachers.

To jazz things up, the board has invited people from all walks of life including Shishir Hattangadi, Karla Singh as well as Amol Gupte. Teachers will also get the opportunity to learn a new language — French, through a quick session during the workshop.

High Street art
Those entering High Street Phoenix now are distracted for a while by beautiful horses and camels in the lobby.

Horse and camel sculptures at High Street Phoenix
Horse and camel sculptures at High Street Phoenix

These animals occupying unusual space are made of metal and are a part of a display of select artworks of Bengaluru-based artist, Ilyas Ahmed, which will be there till October 14.

These unconventional installations depict six animal figures — horse, camel, deer and pitbull — and are made using metal scraps including rusted tin, nuts, bolts or even screws, nails and automobile spare parts.

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