Mumbai: Discrepancies arise over meter recalibration

Oct 05, 2014, 07:17 IST | Shashank Rao

RTO data shows 6,000 taxis are yet to be recalibrated. Taxi unions claim the number is faulty. Plying cabs that have not been recalibrated will earn the driver a fine of Rs 700

The recalibration of electronic meters has exposed the discrepancies in the record maintainence system of the Regional Transport offices (RTOs) across the state. After the September 30 deadline for recalibrating the e-meters to the revised fares, it was found that nearly 6,000 black-and-yellow taxis were yet to be recalibrated.

RTO officials check taxi meters after recalibration. PIC/PRADEEP DHIVAR
RTO officials check taxi meters after recalibration. PIC/PRADEEP DHIVAR

As per records, this is a huge number when it comes to deficit in the number of taxis that haven’t been recalibrated. Sources said that as per the rules, if any taxi driver is caught plying any of these taxis, then they will have to shell out a fine of Rs 700.

“There are around 38,000 taxis plying in Mumbai. The official figures with the RTOs are incorrect,” said A Quadros, taxi union leader. However, as per the official figures, the total number of black and yellow taxis registered with all three RTOs in Mumbai, namely Tardeo, Andheri and Wadala; puts the total at a little over 44,000.

Of these, 30,394 are registered with Tardeo RTO, 7,540 taxis with Andheri RTO and 6,554 taxis with Wadala RTO. The deficiencies in the figures are mainly seen at Tardeo RTO, where a little over 24,000 taxis were recalibrated. This brings the total number of taxis pending for recalibration at around 5,500 while the remaining 500 taxis that haven’t been recalibrated are with Andheri and Wadala RTOs.

“There is a mismatch in figures as these could be dead permits or those that haven’t been renewed,” said a Tardeo RTO officer. The computerisation of vehicle records remains incomplete at most of the RTOs in the state. Officials added that once computerisation of data begins, then this will be taken care of.

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