Mumbai: Druggie gets 10 years for causing death of train commuter

Oct 31, 2014, 07:06 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

The accused had hit the woman, who was standing near the door of the moving train, with a stick while trying to rob her phone, when she lost her balance and fell; She succumbed to her injuries after a week

A drug addict has been pronounced guilty, and sentenced to ten years imprisonment for causing the death of a female commuter of a local train by a city sessions court on Thursday.

Daksha Naresh Ghughal Hritik Ghugal
Daksha Naresh Ghughal, and her son Hritik, were travelling in a local, when the accused hit her with a stick, following which she lost her balance and fell from the train

In 2011, the accused, Rajesh Kumar Vijayram Singh, had attacked the commuter, Daksha Naresh Ghughal, who was travelling on the footboard of the train, with a stick to steal her mobile phone, following which she fell from the running train.

This is not the first time the accused has been convicted for committing a similar crime. According to the prosecutor, before the 2011 incident, Singh was imprisoned for three years by Kalyan court for robbery with the same modus operandi.

The case, ongoing for the last three years, concluded yesterday after the decision was announced by Judge D G Murumkar. The accused has also been imposed a fine of Rs 10,000, out of which Rs 5,000 will be given to the deceased’s son, Hritik, who was travelling with his mother that day. 13 witnesses, including one Vijay Diwedi and the deceased’s son, were examined in the case.

The incident
On January 23, 2011, 34-year-old Ghughal was travelling with her son in a Dombivli-bound train from Chinchpokli.

Around 8.30 pm, she received a call from her sister, and while talking to her, Ghughal and her son moved towards the gate as they had to get off at Kurla station. Singh, who was standing adjacent to the track near Kurla, hit her with a stick. She lost her balance and fell from the train, which ran over her.

She suffered multiple injuries and lost an arm and leg. She was taken to JJ hospital. “The accused had initially hit Vijay (one of the eye witnesses), who was in the next compartment, for his phone, without success. He then hit Ghughal and she fell down. Her son witnessed the entire incident,” said Vijay Malvankar, the public prosecutor of the case.

Ghughal was left paralysed, as she had sustained injuries to her spine. When she was admitted, the doctors at the hospital were on a strike and she could not receive proper treatment. She succumbed to her injuries a week after the incident.

The case was registered at Kurla Police Station under Section 307 (attempt to murder) and after the victim’s death, under 302 (murder) of the IPC. Cops tracked the accused through the CDR number of the deceased’s phone.

Singh had sold the phone to another person, who told them about the accused. Ghughal’s mangalsutra and earrings were also missing. Speaking to mid-day, Naresh Ghughal, the deceased’s husband, said, “The judge’s decision will always be correct. I hope my wife is finally at peace, now that the accused has been punished.”

Singh was convicted under Sections 394 (voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery), 397 (robbery or dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt) of the Indian Penal Code and 153 (endangering safety of persons travelling by railway by wilful act or omission) of the Railway Act.

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