Mumbai dumper carnage: Treatment for broken leg to cost maid dear

Apr 13, 2013, 08:13 IST | Sanika Kanekar

The family of 38-year-old Kavita Mane, who was knocked down by the out-of-control dumper, is finding it hard to arrange for the Rs 70,000 medical expenses

A routine walk to her workplace ended in tragedy for 38-year-old Kavita Mane who was knocked down by the dumper yesterday. Kavita sustained injuries to her leg and is being operated on at Holy Spirit hospital. To add to her family’s misfortune, the task of arranging Rs 70,000 towards medical expenses is proving to be cumbersome. As the family comes from a poor economic background, resources are scarce.

The out-of-control dumper rammed a few people who were having lunch under a tree on the footpath. Illustrations/Amit Bandre

“We are poor and the hospital is expecting us to make such a huge payment. We have already tried our best and collected Rs 15,000, which we have deposited at the hospital,” said Kavita’s husband Vikas, who works as a plumber. The total income of the Mane family is less than Rs 10,000 per month. Kavita has a son Bajrang and daughter Babita. Bajrang recently appeared for the SSC examination while her daughter works at a private garment factory.

38-year-old domestic help Kavita Mane was walking to her work place when the dumper hit her from behind

Lucky escape
Senior citizens Mary Francis (65) and her husband Francis (70) had a lucky escape after they suffered minor injuries in the accident. The elderly couple were seated in an auto rickshaw that was moving ahead of the killer dumper when the heavy vehicle brushed against it sending it out of control. Mary sustained a hip fracture, while Francis escaped with a bruise.

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“The dumper’s brakes failed after which the front right tyre burst. The elderly couple sitting in the rickshaw were lucky to escape with minor injuries,” said a police officer from the accident spot. According to cops, the incident took place at 1.30 pm yesterday near Durga Nagar on the west-bound lane of the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road.

The driver of the dumper, in his statement to the police, claimed that the brakes of his vehicle failed after which the tyre burst and his dumper first banged into a rickshaw that was moving ahead of it. “After veering out of control the truck rammed into people having lunch on the footpath. Two people sitting under a tree died on the spot,” said the police officer. A total of five people were injured of which three are undergoing treatment at the hospital. Two were later discharged after receiving first aid.

Carnage course
The driver headed from Vikhroli towards Jogeshwari lost control of the dumper on the JVLR after its brakes failed. The front right tyre of the dumper burst and the vehicle rammed into an auto rickshaw

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