Election goof-up: Several Mumbai voters inked on the 'right' finger

Apr 25, 2014, 07:15 IST | Shirish Vaktania

Several residents from Borivli and Girgaum expressed outrage after polling officers put indelible ink on right index finger, instead of left

Residents in areas like Girgaum and Borivli expressed outrage yesterday, after election duty officers marked them with the indelible ink on the index finger of their right hand, instead of the left.

The residents claimed that when they pointed out the error to the officers, the latter were rude to them, and argued that they knew the rules better.

I told the officer to put ink on my left index finger, but he refused, telling me not to teach him how to do his job
- Vaidehi Pingle, Girgaum

The officers have neither knowledge nor manners. They inked my right index finger. These officers are increasing the chances of duplicate voting. When I entered the voting booth, the officer on duty asked me to extend my right hand, so he could put the ink. I refused and forced him to ink my left hand.
- Khimjibhai Shah, Girgaum and Milan Parmar, Girgaum

I have voted in every election that has taken place in the past 60 years, and this is the first time that officers inked the wrong finger. I am very upset with the officers.
- Kusum Patil, Borivli

The state government should train officers on the rules, and penalise those who break them.
- Rajesh Kelaskar, Girgaum

We were inked on the wrong finger. Voting is every citizen’s fundamental right, but election duty officers should learn the basics. Being inked on the wrong hand implies proxy voting.
- Arun Ketkar and his wife Mangala, Borivli

I was also inked on the right hand. I don’t feel like I voted.
- Vinay Pansha, Girgaum

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