Mumbai faces water shortage, BMC says no need to worry

May 06, 2015, 22:47 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

BMC says Mumbai won't face water cuts if monsoon arrives in first week of June

The BMC's standing committee on Wednesday saw corporators taking on the administration for erratic water supply in the city.

Corporators cut across party lines to demand an explanation for the erratic water supply to different parts of the city and also asked for the status of water stock for the coming months.

"The water supply has been interrupted in different parts of the city or water is being supplied at low pressure for the past few weeks. Shouldn't there be some review of the situation? Besides, I demand that the BMC should work towards controlling water wastage and theft in the city," said Congress corporator Devendra Amberkar.

Several other corporators also raised hue and cry over the issue.

Reacting to the corporators' queries, chief hydraulic engineer Ramesh Bambale said that Mumbai had 3,70,581 million litres per day (MLD) water collectively in all its dams at this time of the year in 2014. But this year, the city's dams only had 3,34,575 MLD water, which means that there is almost 35,000 MLD less this year.

However, Bambale also mentioned that the department took a review of the water stock at the end of monsoon, i.e, in October every year. Then, based on the existing water stock, they decide on the water supply to the city for the summer.

Bambale was confident that the water stock would last until July 31.

"I don't think the city will face a water cut if the monsoon arrives in first week of June. It will all depend on the information received from the Meteorological department. Right now there is no water cut."

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