Mumbai: Falsely implicated, man still a criminal as per police records

Apr 30, 2016, 10:06 IST | Shiva Devnath

Mumbai-based businessman asked the police to cancel the FIR after CCTV records proved him innocent. It's been a month since then

It is over a month but the police are yet to quash a false FIR that was filed with the Aarey colony police station against a Mumbai-based businessman. Parag Nivetiya was falsely accused in a case of molestation that was filed on March 16. However, after recordings from three CCTV cameras proved that he was not even present at the spot of the alleged molestation, Nivetiya asked the police to cancel the complaint to save his family from further embarrassment.

Kamal Agarwal
Kamal Agarwal

The police said that they would file a B summary case (which implies the case is false and filed with malicious purpose) in front of the court to quash the case. Rajan Ghule, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Aarey) further said that they have registered the statement of Nivetiya and are conducting enquiries.

On March 16, a woman had approached the Aarey police station and alleged that a man had molested her in a Nano car, when she had asked him for a lift. After registering a case, the police they found the owner and called Nivetiya for enquiry, based on the car number that the woman said.

However, based on the CCTV recordings of his office, home and office parking space, Nivetiya proved that on the day and time of the incident, his car had broken down and was parked in the office garage and that he was found sitting in his cabin at 9.30 pm – the time of the incident mentioned by the woman.

He was also seen exiting the office at 10 pm, boarding an auto-rickshaw and entering his home in Andheri after half an hour. Nivetiya has accused his uncle Kamal Agarwal of setting up this trap to defame him.

Both of them run their respective a transport companies and have been at loggerheads since long. Kamal has also been accused of trying to get Nivetiya's brother killed in January, the case hearing of which is scheduled on May 16 at the Bombay High Court.

When contacted, Agarwal said that he did not know anything about the case.

"Nivetiya can allege anything against me. That does not make me a culprit," said Agarwal.

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