Mumbai: Family leaves suicide note and Rs 50,000 for cops!

Feb 23, 2015, 06:57 IST | Shiva Devnath

Making suicide investigation of four family members in Andheri more bizarre, it was discovered that deceased left behind money, suicide note and videos alleging sexual harassment drove them to extreme step

If finding a family of four dead in mysterious circumstances is not enough motivation for the police to investigate, what would they say if the family left behind money for the investigation before committing suicide?

Bharti Pal Somnath Kartik Pal
Siblings Bharti Pal and Somnath Kartik Pal were found hanging at their employer’s flat in Oshiwara on Friday night, and their mother and stepfather were found similarly dead the next morning. All four had placed shrouds on the ground beneath their bodies

The Oshiwara police are baffled with just such a case, after they found four family members hanging in Andheri (West), and later discovered that not only were the suicides pre-planned, but the deceased had even left Rs 50,000 for the cops!

mid-day had reported yesterday that on Friday night, a brother-sister duo, Bharti Pal (25) and Somnath Kartik Pal (20) were found hanging in an Oshiwara flat where they worked as live-in housekeepers.

The very next morning, their mother Sikha Pal (45) and stepfather Manoj Ajitkumar Patel (50) were also found hanging in their flat in Lokhandwala (‘Family commits suicide’, Sunday mid-day, February 23).

It was also reported that the siblings’ employer, one Tinku Singh, would allegedly sexually abuse Bharti and beat up her brother Somnath. The girl’s suicide note was written in English and signed by her, but was found in her mother’s house.

In the note, she accused the employer of repeatedly sexually assaulting her and said this had driven her to commit suicide. “We are trying to confirm the authenticity of the note and how it reached her mother's residence.

In the note, the daughter accused her employer of prolonged sexual harassment,” said PI Mahadeo Wavale from Oshiwara police station. In addition, the police also found a mobile phone lying close to the bodies of the siblings’ mother and stepfather.

The mobile phone had a note stuck on top that said ‘watch the videos’. On going through the phone’s contents, the cops found three videos the suicide notes of the brother, mother and stepfather of Bharti. The mother said in her video, “My children were my life. Now that they are taking their lives, I don’t want to live anymore.”

Bharti’s brother alleged that their employer had been sexually harassing his sister and would also beat him up frequently, while the stepfather said no one was to be held responsible for his death as he was depressed due to severe diabetes and hypertension.

Cops later also found Bharti’s own cell phone from the employer’s house, but are yet to view its contents as it is password-protected. Their most bizarre discovery of all, however, was one other note found in a container in the kitchen. The container held R50,000 in cash, which the note said was for the cops.

The police are quite confused with this discovery and don’t know what to make of it yet. All four bodies are at the mortuary at R N Cooper Hospital and the stepfather’s brother is expected to take possession of his body after arriving from the US. In the meanwhile, the police are tracing the next of kin of the other three deceased.

‘Like my sister’
After the police found a suicide note and three videos that supported this claim, they arrested the 35-year-old employer, Singh for abetment of suicide and molestation under the Indian Penal Code. The brother-sister duo had been working for him for over 10 years, before which their mother worked for him.

In his statement to the police, Singh said Bharti was like his sister and he did not harm her. Bharti’s post mortem did not reveal any traces of semen, confirming she had not been raped prior to the suicide.

Pre-planned tragedy
The police found several indications that the suicides were pre-planned. All four were found hanging from similar S-shaped hooks that had been bought just a few days before. They had also bought white shrouds used to cover corpses and laid them on the ground before hanging themselves.

Despite the fact that the bodies were found in two separate locations, a police officer said that the evidence suggested that all four took their lives around the same time 9.30 pm on Friday.

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