Mumbai fire brigade will soon be able to fight chemical disasters too

Jun 25, 2016, 11:53 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

Fire brigade has invited bids for its first hazardous material vehicle

The Mumbai fire brigade, which is well-equipped to fight building collapse and fire breakouts, will soon be proud owners of their first Haradous Material (HazMat) vehicle, which will help them fight any chemical, biological disaster as well as detect nuclear radiation.

While the brigade has an array of firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders, breathing apparatuses and other equipments, it has invited bids for its first HazMat vehicle, which will be procured in a few months time. A HazMat vehicle has several sub-categories depending upon nuclear, chemical, biological, radiation requirements.

“In the case of a chemical spillage or toxic gas leakage, the vehicle will be equipped to control it. It will have the necessary equipments and structure to prevent further leakage. We will be training 60 firemen to use it. At one time, a standard team of seven people will man the vehicle,” said a senior brigade official. The vehicle will be fitted with a ‘dosy meter’ that is used to detect radiation.

“The vehicle will also be able to detect nuclear radiation on a small scale. It will also have a neutralisation chamber,” he said. The fire brigade will place the order in three months’ time and since these vehicles are made-to-order, it will take the company at least six months to make it and ship it to India. The vehicle should be commissioned by next year.

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