Mumbai food: Order blueberry and red velvet khakra from this website

Jul 14, 2017, 08:28 IST | Dhara Vora Sabhnani

A snacks website has revolutionised the humble, crunchy khakra, serving

Red velvet and blueberry khakra

We love khakra. It is not just because it's in our Gujju genes but also because it makes for the perfect, light mid meal snack on a busy day. So, when we stumbled upon Snaximum, a snacks website that offers blueberry and red velvet flavoured khakra, we couldn't believe our eyes. A scan across their page revealed that they also offer other cool variants such as Cheese-Olive-Herbs Khakra and Dark Chocolate Khakra.

The colours of the khakra are quite startling -- bright blue and red; it put off some people in our tasting party, while it intrigued the risk takers. The Blueberry Khakra (all khakras come in a pack of 16 half-moon pieces, '165), despite the bright colour, was quite a dampener. Though not overpoweringly sweet, it tasted of generic blueberry flavouring instead of the real fruit version and felt flat.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips. Pics/ Dhara Vora Sabhnani

The Red Velvet Khakra ('165) fared better and had a nice bite. It is perfect for when you are craving the indulgent pastry but don't wish to cheat on your diet. It can also work as a crunchy addition to a DIY dessert for a house party.

Next up was the Cheese-Olive-Herbs Khakra ('145), a savoury saviour after the sweet khakras. Mildly-flavoured and not a teensy bit greasy, this one was our favourite. However, if you prefer the usual 'exotic' varieties available in the market (think panipuri and palak paneer khakra), this might come across as a tad bland. Another favourite snack was the Baked Sweet Potato Chips ('135 for 100 gms). Perfectly crisp and not oily, we are definitely ordering another pack again.

Cheese-Olive-Herbs Khakra

If khakra's not your thing, Snaximum also offers breads, nankhatai, khari, poli or cookies, all served with a twist.

Snaximum currently delivers only in western suburbs, but will travel across the city for bulk orders. High on innovation, they could use a few tweaks in their snacks' recipes to achieve maximum farsan flavour satisfaction.

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