Mumbai food: Enjoy traditional Maharashtrian delicacies at 4-day food fest

Jun 22, 2016, 08:45 IST | Suprita Mitter

From Jambul Vodka to Kombdi Vada, here's what you should expect at a four-day festival that serves traditional Maharashtrian fare

  A four-day festival will bring flavours of Maharashtra to your table. Bandra’s Soul Fry will serve authentic, home-style fare prepared by Ratnagiri–based chef Raoji Vange. “I was inspired by a food show on a television channel that featured Mejwani recipes.

Kombdi Vada
Kombdi Vada

Mejwani is Mahara-shtrian food that is served on special occasions. We have stuck to festive fare and stayed away from dishes prepared on a daily basis,” says Meldan D’Cunha, owner, Soul Fry.

Mutton Pattice
Mutton Pattice

“We will serve Vaal Birdhe, made with vaal (field beans), which is a nutritious ingredient but not easily available in Mumbai, and mainly prepared at homes. We will also dish out stuffed small brinjals called Bharleli Vangi. We will use staples such as chillies and fenugreek to give some traditional recipes a twist,” says D’Cunha, adding that the idea was to bring cuisines from different regions of Maharashtra, including Kolhapur and Konkan, under one roof.

Adorned in saffron drapes, the restaurant will don a festive look. The staff will be dressed in traditional Maharashtrian topis and kurtas. You can indulge in Jambul Vodka, Kombdi Vada, Mutton Pattice, Vaal Birdhe, Teesri Dabdabit, Hirva Mutton, Chicken Tikka Pandhra Masala, Kolambi Chi Ambat, Kolambi Fry, Piyush (a mixture of curd and shrikhand), Doodhi Halva, Kurkuri Bhindi and innovations like Dahi Bhaat with Paneer.

From: June 24 to 27
At: Soul Fry, Pali Mala Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 26046892

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