Watch video: Mumbai veg thali chain introduces special Navratri thali

Sep 25, 2017, 21:09 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The Navratri special menu at Mumbai's premium veg thali restaurant, Maharaja Bhog, comprises of light yet healthy dishes made with upvas special ingredients

 Watch video:  Mumbai veg thali chain introduces special Navratri thali
Navratri special Upvas thali at Maharaja Bhog

The holy festival of Navratri is being celebrated across India in which devotees observe fasts and only consume selected food items to express their devotion to goddess Durga. Keeping the festive spirit of Navratri in mind, veg thali chain, Maharaja Bhog, has introduced a nine-day special upvas thali for Navratri devotees in Mumbai at Rs. 515.

The Navratri special menu comprises of light yet healthy dishes made with upvas special ingredients.

We were served a sweet and refreshing Kesar Chandan sharbat as we settled on our table. The meal began with an array of appetizers including finger chips sprinkled with Sendha namak (rock salt). This was followed by the Farali patties, made from Singhare ke atte (water chestnut flour). The patties were crispy from outside and soft from inside and the mild spicy stuffing gave a sweet, salty and nutty burst of flavours in our mouths.

Specially prepared vegetables such as vrat ke sabzis like Paneer ke Sabzi, Kachhe Kele Ke Sabzi (raw banana veggie) and Aalo dahi ke sabzi (potato and curd curry) came next as part of the main course. The tiny and fluffy Rajgira puris complimented the vegetable dishes to some extent.

The paneer was juicy and the curry was delicious but we found the Kachhe Kele Ke Sabzi a bit dry to go with the Rajgira puris. The Aalo dahi ke sabzi was the standout dish, it is prepared by cooking boiled potatoes in curd gravy that adds a subtle sweet and sour flavour to the dish.

Loaded with peanuts and cooked with mild spices, the sabudana khichdi was delicious and we had more than one serving to satisfy our craving.

A bowl of traditional Kesar shrikhand, loaded with dry fruits was served as dessert. The gooey creamy shrikhand had the perfect blend of saffron flavour and sweetness and we could not resist asking for another serving of the shrikhand. 

The Navratri special thali at Maharaja Bhog can partially satisfy your craving for upvas meal. The meal was definitely light and healthy but lacked variety. Addition of fruit salad, Navratri special farsans, and drinks like fresh fruit juice and lassi would have done complete justice to the special upvas thali. 

The thali is available for lunch and dinner between 12 noon and 3:30 PM and 7 pm and 11 pm. 

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