Mumbai food: New delivery service offers gourmet pizza for workday lunch

Apr 25, 2016, 10:34 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Despite a few hiccups with their red meat option, a new delivery service offers a crunchy, gourmet workday lunch with their 14-inch pizza

The idea of gorging on crescent-shaped pizzas piqued us to dial Chilli Flakes, a new gourmet pizza delivery service, which offers the novel option of ordering half a pizza. Launched by Mikhail Shahani and Mohammad Bhol, ex-chefs of Two One Two Bar & Grill, who also run the app-based biryani delivery service Charcoal, the delivery service operates from two outposts, Lower Parel and Dadar, which is also a dine-in with burger and pasta offerings. Fortunately, they deliver to Parel and so, we plunged into a pizza binge as a working lunch option. 

Quattro Frommagio. Pics/Ajinkya Sawant

We called for six varieties, Quattro Frommagio (`275, all prices for 14-inch half pizzas), BBQ Paneer (`290), Chicken Heaven (`310), Spicy Pork (`310), All American Pepperoni (`310), Cajun Chicken (`290) along with Garlic Dough Balls With Cheese (`170). While we were told it would take close to 55 minutes for the delivery, the order arrived 10 minutes earlier. They even sent over a complimentary chocolate mousse and lamb kebabs (“We send either one but since yours was a large order, we sent both,” we were told when we enquired later). Both were yum.

Chicken Heaven;
Chicken Heaven

Veggie delight
Packed in sturdy black cardboard boxes and resting on butter paper, the thin-crust pizzas survived the ride. We loved the portions (sufficient for two) and the uniformly thin and crispy crunch of the base in all varieties. A bite of Quattro Frommagio and we were in a cheesy heaven. The four-cheese pizza packed in fontal cheese, goat cheese, bleu cheese and mozzarella that went well with the tangy tomato sauce and fresh basil. While we are not particularly fond of paneer on our pizza, the BBQ Paneer variety was a hit, with melt-in-the-mouth char-grilled chunks doused generously with a zesty barbeque sauce.

the pizzas arrive in sturdy, customised half pizza boxes
The pizzas arrive in sturdy, customised half pizza boxes

Oink oink
When we’d spotted the Spicy Pork pizza on the menu, it piqued our taste buds because only a handful of city pizza chains/parlours can deliver a mean version where the red meat is the star ingredient. Generous amounts of ham and bacon slices on a bed of melted cheese greeted us but when we bit into it, we found the texture of meats disappointing. Most slices were chewy; honestly, we’d have preferred less or no fat lining the edges. Even for a hardcore meat eater, the sight can be a tad off-putting on a pizza slice. We faced a similar scenario with Cajun Chicken, which featured chewy, tasteless chicken bits and a tart sauce. The olive-jalapeno topping couldn’t save it.
With apprehension, we approached Chicken Heaven. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. The generously spiced grilled chicken breast and chicken salami complemented the caramelised onions and tomato sauce. Without a distinct flavour, the All American Pepperoni pizza with lamb pepperoni was average. In between bites of pizza, we tucked into the rotund, sponge-soft dough balls that made for a great appetiser. In the absence of a dip, we tried a few bites with the mousse, which brought back fond memories of chocolate sandwiches and made for a sweet ending to the pizza meal.

All American Pepperoni
All American Pepperoni

At 622 Parsi Mansion, Lady Jehangir Road. Parsi Colony, Dadar (E), and at Lower Parel (delivery only)
Call 9820420459 TIME 11 am to 11 pm
Delivery Sion to Byculla and Breach Candy To Mahim

Chilli Flakes didn’t know we ordered. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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