Paint what you eat at a food illustration workshop in Doolally Taproom

Jun 29, 2017, 14:40 IST | The Guide Team

A food illustration workshop teaches you how to sketch what you eat

Guests create illustrations of House Fries
Guests create illustrations of House Fries

Do you scramble to pick up your smartphone and capture a dish placed in front of you for your Instagram feed? This Saturday, if you drop in at Doolally Taproom and spot their popular crisp House Fries served with Bhut Mayo and Mango Salsa, reach out for a paintbrush and watercolours instead of popping a chip in your mouth. The microbrewery is hosting the second edition of a food illustration workshop, which will be conducted by Biebek Das.

Biebek Das
Biebek Das

"Sketching a person is more intense and requires a lot of detailing, whereas food illustrations are easier," says 25-year-old Das, a professional painter who runs the design firm, Glut. He also conducts canvas painting, caricature making and doodling workshops.

Open to all, the workshop doesn't have a specific theme. Participants can draw either using their imagination or sketch the dishes laid out in front of them, which usually comprises the House Fries and a pint of beer. All art materials are provided. While you get to take your masterpiece home, you also get to binge on the eats you've drawn accompanied by a craft brew, mocktail or tea.

ON: July 1, 12 pm to 2 pm
AT: Kwality House, Kemps Corner.
COST: Rs 600

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