Mumbai food: Popular rainy day snack bhaijya served in quirky avatars

Jul 07, 2016, 08:18 IST | The Guide Team

Celebrate Mumbai's iconic monsoon snack with heady daaru concoctions

The rains are here and so are the fried delights and tea to go with the view. But then a city eatery, Bonobo has gone the extra step and discovered that the combination of beer and bhajiyas is actually what makes the moment perfect.

Fire Cracker Prawn Bhajiya

The pub has worked up combinations like Begun Bhaja (a Bengali recipe for the brinjal fritters) (Rs 175) and White Zen (Rs 300), Kanda Bhaji (Rs 175) and Budweiser, Broccoli & Cream Cheese Bhajiya (Rs 175) with Hoegaarden (Rs 600). To throw in some nostalgia and mood, Masala Maggi (Rs 175) has been added to the servings.

Hot Chocolate Old Monk
Hot Chocolate Old Monk

And then, if the combinationstill doesn’t have you salivating, and you prefer tea to team up with your bhajiya, there is the Old Monk infused Masala Chai (Rs 200). There are also Bacon Bhajiyas (Rs 300) or the Fire Cracker Prawn Bhajiyas (Rs 400) for those who prefer fish and meat in their fries.

Fire Cracker Prawn Bhajiya
Fire Cracker Prawn Bhajiya

So is there a crowd that wants to try bhajiyas in a restaurant? Nevil Timbadia, partner at Bonobo tells us that the bhajiyas are a part of the monsoon menu and they do have a steady demand for the humble kanda bhaji at the restaurant.

“To maintain the range of our dishes we do have options like bacon bhajiya but the basics like kanda bhaji are always a hit,” he says.

Till: August 31
At: Bonobo, second Floor, Kenilworth Mall, Bandra (W).
Call: 26055050

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