Mumbai food: Relish quirky dishes made using monsoon fruits

Jun 29, 2016, 08:40 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Move over mangoes. Pick your new seasonal favourites — peach, plum, jackfruit, jamun or lychee — and relish them in different avatars, from pancakes and biryani to popsicles

  Watermelon Lychee Popsicle

Enjoy fresh fruit with a twist, as it arrives at your table frozen on a stick. Spiked with alcohol, the cocktail popsicles are sure to help you rid yourself of monsoon blues. You can also sip on Plum Mojito or Peach Jalapeno Martini, part of a new, seasonal drinks menu called the Plum, Peach and Cherry Edition.
Time 6 pm onwards
AT Bonobo, second floor, Kenilworth Mall, Phase 2, off Linking Road, Bandra (W).
CALL 26055050
COST Rs 250 (all prices exclusive of taxes)

Jackfruit Biryani

Jackfruit Biryani

Tuck into a scented rice biryani featuring raw jackfruit cooked with tomato, onion and garam masala, served with smoked apple raita. Though the dish is part of the regular menu, the monsoons are a good time to relish the tropical fruit, given its immunity-boosting properties.
TIME 6 pm to 1 am (Monday to Friday), 12 noon to 1 am (weekends)
AT Monkey Bar, Summerville, Junction of 14th & 33rd, Linking Road, Bandra (W).
Call 26005215
COST Rs 380


Peach and Plum Ricotta Crepe

Peach and Plum Ricotta Crepe

Stuffed with sliced plums and peaches sautéed in butter and honey, the fluffy crepes are part of a seasonal Plum and Peach Festival. Served with ginger flavoured fresh cream, they make for the perfect breakfast during a downpour. Wash them down with a Peach Pie Milkshake.
TIME 9 am to 1 am
AT Jamjar Diner, Aram Nagar ll, Jai Prakash Road, Versova, Andheri (W).
CALL 26358880
COST Rs 378

Jamun Yogurt Cake

Served warm with jamun compote and ginger-vanilla ice cream, the comfort cake, on the menu till mid-July, will surely be worth that lilac tongue. Fans of jackfruit can try Bhavnagri Mirch and Grilled Kathal Salan, a Hyderabadi-style peanut and coconut curry with grilled chillies and the fruit.
TIME 12.30 pm to 1.30 am
AT The Bombay Canteen Unit 1, Process House, Kamala Mills, SB Marg, Lower Parel.
CALL 49666666
COST Rs 275

Fruit Custard

Created specially for the monsoon and Iftar menu, it’s unlike any other custard. Made from scratch with fresh vanilla, the soft custard is layered with rum-soaked raisins and seasonal fruits like lychees, oranges and apples, bought fresh every morning. Topped with homemade strawberry syrup, the dish, available till July 10, makes for a sweet ending to your meal.
TIME 11 am to 1 am
AT Dishkiyaoon, The Capital, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E).
CALL 9820436666
COST Rs 195

Baked Pancake With Fresh Java Plum Compote 

Pick beverages and desserts from the Stone Fruits and Drupes menu, available till end of August, featuring muskmelon, lychee, jackfruit, jamun and pineapple. For the uninitiated, these are fruits consisting of fleshy exteriors covered with a thin skin and a central stone containing a seed. Try the pancake that’s drizzled with a tangy-sweet java plum compote or opt for Jackfruit Cumin Pudding.
TIME 8.30 am to 11.30 pm
AT The Pantry, Yashwant Chambers, Military Square lane, near Trishna, Kala Ghoda, Fort.
CALL 22700082
COST Rs 225

Also try

1. If you’ve decided to go healthy this season, get your monsoon crunch fix from the Pecan and Pear Salad (in pic), available till August end.
AT Soho Tapas Bar, Andheri (W).
COST Rs 250

2. Bite into soft, tea-time muffins baked with seasonal fruits like pear and lychee, served during the Sunday brunch.
AT Boveda Bistro, Morya Landmark 1, New Link Road, Andheri (W).
COST Rs 295

3. Go beyond the regular desserts and try Baked Peach Cheesecake featuring crème anglaise, stewed peach and Oreo crunch.
AT Craft Deli. Bistro. Bar, Phoenix Marketcity, LBS Marg, Kurla (W).
COST Rs 275

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