Does Mumbai's newest health food lounge pass the calorie test?

Sep 20, 2016, 08:36 IST | Joanna Lobo

The city's newest health food lounge at Churchgate reviewed by mid-day and an expert dietitian

Salad has a bad rep. If it's healthy, it's usually not tasty. At Saboro Lounge, the healthy QSR from Mahindra Agri Solutions, the salad is given much importance. Saboro (Spanish: tasty) launched last month without any fanfare; in fact, the afternoon we walked in, we were the only customers.

The lounge is small; four tables and an open kitchen. Stark white wooden slats on the wall get a lovely burst of colour from paintings of a vibrant beetroot and a green watermelon. Coir lampshades throw soft shadows around the room, on the supermarket-like display of baskets of fresh produce, and shelves with books and condiments.

The menu is a good mix of fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts. The prices are reasonable — there's clearly an effort to ensure that healthy food is affordable.

We took along an expert — dietitian Ruby Sound, the founder of Eatwise clinic, Juhu — to help us decipher the health aspects of our meal.

Here's the health report card.

Time 7 am to 11 pm (all days)
At Saboro Lounge, 26, Dinshaw Vacha Road, Churchgate.
Call 8291603484


The name is clearly a mash-up of everything that goes into this banana smoothie. “This is a high-energy drink and can work as a good breakfast supplement, especially for kids who are very active. The dry fig is high in iron and calcium and there's protein and carbohydrates in it. Besides, the only sugar here is from the fruit,” says Sound.
Cost: Rs 139

Chicknoa Greens

The salad has quinoa, chickpeas, bell peppers, lettuce and micro greens. “This is a good salad for a power-packed lunch or as a post-exercise meal since it is high in protein from the chickpea and quinoa. A raw salad means there's no nutrient-loss due to heat, and the body expends more energy during digestion,” says Sound.
Cost: Rs 249

Honfru Mix

This cold salad of sliced pineapple, apple, grapes and lettuce, pomegranate seeds has a sweet honey dressing. It's a mixture of textures; crunchy and soft, sour and sweet. “It is cold and refreshing in a big bowl so it's perfect for those looking at eating something filling without piling on calories. It works as a good summer salad,” says Sound.
Cost: Rs 149

Hummus Whole wheat Pie

The wholewheat pie looked like a vegetarian pizza with corn, mushroom, bell peppers and cheese, and hummus at the side. “A normal portion of bread, contains about 50 calories. Add to it the processed cheese and a few bites takes your calorie count to over a 100. There's nothing healthy in this,” says Sound.
Cost: Rs 199

Frugurt Parfait

This layered dessert had pineapple, kiwi, walnuts, pomegranate and basil seeds. “Individually, everything works. The basil seeds are rich in iron; the fruits are rich in Vitamin C. The curd balances out the sweetness,” says Sound, adding, however, that using condensed milk instead of sugar doesn't make it healthier.
Cost: Rs 149

Additional remarks

"Saboro's food is healthy but needs tweaking, a few cosmetic changes. I would advise getting rid of the cheese and condensed milk. The presentation is good, the quantities are great for someone looking at a healthy meal and they've taken effort to whip up a menu that offers fare as low in calorie as possible. They're making healthy food as easily accessible and as affordable as junk food," summarises Sound.

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