Mumbai food: These pubs in Marol will fix your drinking woes

Nov 02, 2017, 21:07 IST | Shunashir Sen

The stretch between Marol Naka and Saki Naka metro stations in Andheri has a pub almost every 100m. Here’s where to head when planning a boozy night out

Tune in on weekends
If you are looking for live music, you would be well-served at The Stables since the place hosts a band on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. In fact, they pride themselves on their gigs which, according to a staff member, is what they have created their brand name around. Two weeks ago, they also launched a comedy night meant for every Tuesday, which makes it a busy week here in terms of events.

At Peninsula Redpine Hotel. cost of a pint '230 (appx). Time 12 pm to 1.30 am Call 40912345 happy hours 12 pm to 9 am, Sunday to Wednesday (1+1 on IMFL)

With God on their side
Pakka Local is the latest addition on this stretch. It opened only 15 days ago, and the manager tells us they are serving wine and beer at MRP as a promotional offer. How long do they plan to carry on with this deal? “Till God helps us,” the manager answers, making us hope for divine grace to shine forth on this venue for time immemorial. The food is a mix of south Indian coastal cuisine, Goan-Portuguese and Mediterranean, the manager adds.

At 06/106, Town Center, Opposite Times Square Building. cost of a pint '170 (after promo deal ends) time 12 pm to 1 am Call 7038193519 happy hours Not applicable

Stock up on drinks
It almost seems as if whatever direction you head in, you will find an outlet of The Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai. It's pretty much the same deal at each of them -- drinks at dive-bar prices in an atmosphere that's decidedly more upmarket. But keep an eye on the 'stock exchange' screen before you place your order. At times, a peg of Absolut could be cheaper than Smirnoff.

At 89, Shivani Industrial Estate, Opposite Times Square. cost of a pint '130 (appx) time 12 pm to 4 pm, 6 pm to 1.30 am Call 30151964 happy hours Not applicable

Done deal
Slice of Lime is the sort of venue that serves big bottles of beer, which is usually a fair indication of a place being relatively no-frills in nature. That reflects in the menu as well, which shuns imagination. They do have some sweet deals, though, on different days of the week. Thursdays, for instance, mean a flat 50 per cent off on food and alcohol. In other words, we know where to head when it's the end of the month.

At 1st Floor, A Wing, Times Square Building. cost of a pint '185 (appx) time 6 pm to 12 am Call 28514060 happy hours 6 pm to 9 pm (1+1 on IMFL)

Also check out

There is an outlet of British Brewing Company (39698190) that's opened up on the same stretch, which has offers on beers all of November. The Tap Resto Bar (9167666721) is also a hop, skip and jump away, while The Finch (28578300) isn't too far either.

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