Mumbai Food: Three new meat-inspired jams that will leave you wanting more

Updated: 18 January, 2018 09:24 IST | Shunashir Sen | Mumbai

Three new meat-inspired jams tantalise our taste buds and leave us asking for more

Meatigo's smoked chicken
Meatigo's smoked chicken

The delivery mechanism of an online food store is such a crucial cog in its wheel that the efficacy of the entire system hinges on its proper functioning. Its importance then is like that of a ball in a cricket match - you can't quite play the game if it doesn't bounce. So, first things first. When we ask for two new bacon jams and a chicken one launched recently on, the three 180gm jars ('350 each) ferried in ice boxes reach us chilled in about half an hour. To thus extend the cricketing metaphor, our experience with the year-old business gets off to a steady start.

Spicy bacon and smoked bacon jams. Pics/Sneha Kharabe
Spicy bacon and smoked bacon jams. Pics/Sneha Kharabe

Kick-starting the jam session
The first of the bacon jams we try is the smoked one. Now - considering that the mere thought of bacon makes us go weak in the knees and the hiss of it sizzling on a frying pan sounds like music to our ears - it shames us to admit that we have never tried a jam version before. So, we approach our inaugural spoonful of the stuff with the excitement of a child who's seeing a playground for the very first time. And our taste buds are taken on an immediate joyride once it's in our mouth. The spices and gooey, caramelised onion lend it a balanced sweetness. But the best part is that all the meat in it is unadulterated bacon, little bits of which are left behind for us to chew on once the rest of the spoonful is done.


The spicy version of this jam is pretty much the same as the smoked one. Except, the sweetness here is complemented with a hint of chilli that lingers on the tongue like a guest who's the last one to leave a party, but had nonetheless been the most fun person around. And while the smoked chicken jam, too, has the same caramelised onion flavour, our advice is that you stick to the bacon unless, of course, you don't eat pork at all.

Suwal (with Siddhant Wangdi)
Suwal (with Siddhant Wangdi)

Meating our match
So, everything said and done, our experience with these three new products is such a satisfying one that we are compelled to call's two young, Mumbai-based proprietors - the husband-wife duo of Siddhant Wangdi, 28, and Lisa Suwal, 30 - to find out how the idea of these jams came about. They tell us that it came from Suwal's family breakfast table. She says, "My father has been in the meat business for about 30 years and since all of us at home like bacon, jam made from it is a regular morning spread for us. And a lot of friends who would come over really loved it, and asked us, 'Why don't you start retailing it?' So that's how we thought that perhaps it is time we introduced this in the market as well."

Wangdi adds that they are still undergoing a trial period with these jams, however. "We will think about introducing more flavours later on based on the sort of response we get to these," he says, though if you ask us, this test run will work out just fine because - to borrow cricketing terms yet again - it's a match-winning effort so far.

Delivery areas: From Colaba to Borivali (within two hours)
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
Log on to:

Pork jams

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