Mumbai for kids: A visit to indoor entertainment centre Smaaash

Apr 30, 2015, 08:00 IST | Vinitha Ramchandani

Smaaash sounded like such a boy-bonding place that I waited for long to do this with my son and a group of boys

Mumbai for kids Smaaash sounded like such a boy-bonding place that I waited for long to do this with my son and a group of boys. Eventually when we went, it was the usual threesome: me and my two kids, Vani and Ammol. Smaaash is a cross between a wannabe club and an indoor entertainment place. The lighting is dim, the look is glossy and the sounds are cheerful, as Smaaash-T-shirt attired staff briskly walks around the space. The counter to buy your gaming card has a menu of choices. A large interactive screen is also placed strategically at the door, so that you can see your gaming and entertainment options.

The cricket pitch is the most attractive, and we watch while families, who have paid, watch their family members knock the cricket balls that are sent via a machine. The wait for the cricket pitch is long, so we move to play football. At Goalie Guacamole (for that is what it has been named), you pay '500 for 10 chances at a penalty shootout. Guarding the goalpost is a stick goalie who swings up to block the ball that you kick. I can see a family of kids that have just attempted to kick a goal and behind my kids are a set of giggling under-graduates. Both Ammol and Vani take turns at fobbing the goalie. All in vain.

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The gaming zone
The gaming zone

Further filling the gaming card, we move to the gaming zone where the kids try their hand at gaming consoles and play all kinds of games. Vani, my daughter, wants to try the 7-D movie (what on earth can be seven dimensions?). The film is five minutes long and she gets into the theatre along with another bunch of college students, returning with a huge smile and endorsing that it was even scarier than the one she went for in Singapore.

The indoor cricket pitch
The indoor cricket pitch

All through, there are constant switches of Smaaash staff that come, check if you are okay and make suggestions. We are led to the zipline and we watch as the staff straps a man into the zipline. The zipline is manned by efficient staff but both the kids didn’t want to attempt it. So, we are gently herded to a virtual skydive where the kids are strapped to a hang-gliding machine, fitted with a screen into which they fly. It worked. They loved it.

Adults can enjoy paintball too
Adults can enjoy paintball too

There is food and beverages and alcohol; Smaaash a cool place to hang out with buddies, family or no family. It exudes a young vibe and yet, family and kiddies will enjoy it because there are all kinds of things to do here, from paintball to twilight bowling, to zipline, X2 racing, to playing dozens of simulated and virtual reality games.

Go for it.

P.S. They are also set to revamp certain sections, we’re told.

Guide Book

Where: Smaaash, City Studio, Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, Gate No. 4, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel.

Getting there
  If you choose to go by train, opt for Western Railway, alight at Lower Parel and take a cab to Kamala Mills. If you are travelling via Central Railway, Currey Road is the most convenient station.

Timings: Daily, 10 am to 1 am

Entry is free. Each game you choose to play has charges. If you are going in a large group, there are packages and deals.

In-house restaurant provides continental fare.

Available to buy

facilities Yes

What’s good:
You will not get bored. It has a combination of options for all age groups. We loved that the staff were hands-on and available.

What’s not good:
Even though there are maps to figure out what to do, we would have been lost in the space without
the staff.

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