Mumbai for kids: Make n Bake in Babulnath

May 28, 2015, 08:00 IST | The Guide Team

Mumbai for kids with Vinitha Ramchandani Children’s Visual Storyteller

When a friend suggested the space, Make n Bake, a few times over, and to many, I agreed to take the kids. Not wanting to sound gauche, I didn’t ask even what Make n Bake meant, assuming the kids would bake something and would probably get to eat it too. Imagine my surprise when we walked into a warm, pastel shaded studio, full of grey ceramic shells.

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Pretending to know things in the age of Google is sheer stupidity. Swallowing my surprise, I walked in to examine and understand what the deal meant. Raw ceramic shapes were perched on shelves where one could choose what they wished to paint. Aprons were given to children, they chose their brushes and were handed bottles of paint. Next, it was time to choose what they wanted to adorn.

The raw ceramic bank had angry birds, footballs, pig, piggy banks, burger, flowers, hearts, stars, boxes, penguins, dolphins, dragons, assorted fruits, cupcakes, turtles, assorted animals and other collectible shapes and frames. Vani, my daughter, chose a mermaid while Ammol, my son, selected a dolphin. We paid according to what we picked, and the kids seated themselves at worktables.

Assistants hovered around the children and were ready to help, suggest and show the ropes. If you are a busy parent, you can happily leave your child in the safety of the studio and run errands. But I saw many parents using the time to bond with their child and work alongside with ‘their’ piece. Whatever works. Make n Bake doesn’t have to be about kids. It’s a pottery-painting opportunity for anyone who wants to explore this space.

On the shelf, you’ll spot works of people perhaps children that look shiny and ready to go. The paint drips. It is all about knowing what works, and how it is supposed to work. There was much trial and re-trial and Vani’s mermaid eyes dripped over her lips. Ammol was raging over how his whale looked un-whale like with his choice of hue. I was told that the paints and glazes were imported, and were non-toxic.

Another coat of paint, a swish of the outline on a semi-drying art piece and we were ready to go. Make n Bake is about patience. Each work of art is labelled and is sent for glazing and baking. A week later, you can pick up your work and display it at home, or gift it. This is not a place you come once to experience. It can easily become a habit.

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Where: Ground floor, Temple Bells, Bhavan’s Lane, next to Saarthi, KM Munshi Marg, Charni Road.

Getting there
Train: Grant Road (E) or Charni Road (E) are closest. If you are coming via Central Railway, hail a taxi from CST.
Timings Thursdays shut, 11 am - 9 pm

Charges: Depends on what you pick

Food & water: Yes

What’s good: The activity takes an hour of fully absorbed time. It’s therapeutic and addictive when you see the results.

What’s not good: You will need to wait for a week to pick up and actually see the end result of your kid’s work, after the glazing and baking is done.

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