Mumbai: Friend heard teen scream over phone as she hanged herself

Mar 30, 2013, 07:51 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Pain was unbearable in its literal sense for this 19- year- old girl. Faced with the prospect of being trapped for life in debilitating bouts of pain, she hanged herself from her kitchen's ceiling

Neelam Bhogal committed suicide on Friday morning, when she had another severe migraine headache.

Before killing herself, she called up her friend and complained of the insufferable agony. While the phone was still active, she went on to tie a noose around her neck. Her shrieks were heard by her friend through the phone.

Bhogal resided at a residential building in Prem Nagar, Goregaon ( W). She had given her HSC exams privately just a few days back.

According to police officials, Bhogal was suffering from migraine for the past three years and receiving medical treatment for it, but apparently, it didn’t help ease the pain.

Teen hangs herself
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Assistant Police Inspector Sudhakar Hube of Goregaon police station said, “ For the last 15 days, the condition of the girl had been extremely bad. She was suffering from severe pain, which was unbearable to her. She had complained about it many times to her family members.” Around 11 am on Friday morning, when no one was at home, she went into the kitchen and called up a friend of hers who stays near her house. Her friend was away at work at the time.

Bhogal told her, “ The pain is now getting unbearable and I know it is not going to heal. My condition is so bad at this stage and it will only get worse in the coming days. I will not be able to handle it.” She did not disconnect the phone, and proceeded to hang herself from the ceiling fan. All the time until life was snuffed out of her, her friend was able to hear her scream. The friend then disconnected the call and kept calling her back. API Hube said, “ The friend called more than 40 times but it was too late. During this time, Bhogal’s mother arrived and found her daughter hanging from the ceiling fan.” Police was informed and she was taken to Cooper Hospital where she was declared dead. Her post- mortem was done at the same hospital.

“We have registered an ADR ( accidental death report) in the case. There is no suspicion on anyone in or outside the family. She took the extreme step as she was in pain.”

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