Mumbai gangrape: Braveheart recovers under all-women medical team

Aug 25, 2013, 08:13 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

A posse of cops are on round-the-clock guard inside and outside the Jaslok Hospital. The 22-year-old victim's condition, meanwhile, has improved and she is talking to her family members, say doctors

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The 22-year-old rape victim who was admitted to Jaslok Hospital on Thursday, is now being treated by a panel of female doctors to make sure she remains calm and emotionally stable. At the same time a posse of policemen have been posted outside and inside the hospital for her safety.

The police has deployed 30 guards at the hospital premises while four female constables are outside the patient’s room round-the-clock. File Pic

“The patient’s condition has significantly improved as she is much better today. She is interacting with her family members as well. However, we are still monitoring her health from all aspects,” said Dr Tarang Gianchandani, acting CEO and medical director at Jaslok Hospital.

The police has deployed 30 guards in the hospital premises in two shifts. “Fifteen guards are deployed at a time around the entrance and within the hospital to avoid any unwanted persons from talking to the patient or her family,” said a source in the hospital.

Four female constables and two police inspectors are deployed outside the patient’s room on a round-the-clock vigil. “Only a team of female doctors are allowed to tend to the patient, as she was clearly not comfortable with any male doctor treating her,” the source said. “The family has employed a private nurse to be by the patient’s side all the time. Junior doctors or nurses are not allowed to enter the patient’s room,” added the source.

Doctors said the patient had suffered both external and internal injuries, including abrasions and cuts on her back and arms. A minor surgery was performed on Friday to control bleeding. To protect the patient’s privacy, the hospital on Saturday evening put up a notice on the entrance barring the entry of media personnel without a written permission from the CEO of the hospital.

The victim’s mother, aunt, a close friend and a female colleague are staying with her in the 16th floor hospital room at all times. The date when the patient will be discharged is yet to be decided, said Dr Tarang. 

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