Mumbai gangrape: Complete coverage

Sep 06, 2013, 15:24 IST | A Correspondent

22-year-old woman became a victim of brutal gang-rape at Shakti Mills compound. The incident led to a furore around the country and cops arrested all five accused in the incident. We bring you the entire sequence of events

Shakti Mill rapist had molested 50-yr-old woman
An FIR was registered against Siraj Khan, one of the accused in the 22-year-old's gang rape, after he molested a 50-year-old woman in Dhobi Talao on August 19. (Read more)
Another woman claims she too was raped by accused
Another case of sexual assault by the five accused in the Mumbai photojournalist gangrape case has come to light with a woman alleging that she was raped by some of the culprits in the gang at the defunct Shakti Mills compound here. (Read more)
Two more mobiles of arrested accused recovered
Mumbai Police, which is probing the gangrape of a 23-year-old photojournalist here, today said it has recovered two more mobile phones carried by the accused during the ghastly crime. (Read more)
4 accused in cop custody till Sept 5, minor in juvenile home
Birth certificate of one of five suspects proves he's a minor; three others produced in Killa court yesterday after forensic reports confirmed their DNA matched swabs taken from survivor. (Read more)
Minor accused in rape claims he didn't do it
One of the accused arrested for his involvement in the Shakti Mills gang rape case said his friends raped the girl one by one, but he only "kissed" her. (Read more)
Cops recreate crime scene
Police took the five gang-rape accused back to Shakti Mills where they narrated the sequence of events of the crime; besides videographing the enactment as evidence, cops also retrieved a dupatta used by the accused to clean themselves. (Read more)
Gangrape survivor discharged from Jaslok Hospital
The 22-year-old photojournalist, who was gangraped at the defunct Shakti Mills complex nearly a week ago, has been discharged from hospital after doctors attending on her declared her "medically fit." (Read more)
Every week, cop rode down to my house to talk to Kasim, says accused's mom
While Crime Branch denies that its constable ever called up gang rape accused Kasim Bangali, his mother challenges the cops to make their call details public to prove that he was a police informer. (Read more)
Rape accused raped rag picker, prostitute too
Interrogations reveal they committed the crime many times in the past; they had also molested a girl who had come to the mill with her boyfriend. (Read more)
Top cop attracts public ire
Dr. Satyapal Singh justifies moral policing, blames ‘promiscuous culture’ for rise in sex crimes. (Read more)
Forensic experts examine crime spot
Forensic experts from Gujarat and Delhi today arrived here to collect the evidence at the Shakti Mills compound where a photojournalist was gangraped six days ago. (Read more)
Cop who 'alerted' rapist shared 80 calls with him in the past
Salim Mujawar of the Crime Branch was in constant touch with Kasim Bangali; it was after the constable called him to the police station that the rapist fled his house, which delayed his arrest. (Read more)
Survivor's family seeks severest punishment for accused
The family of the 22-year-old photojournalist, who was gangraped by five persons has thanked the public for their support, and sought the severest punishment for the accused.  (Read more)
Non-stop investigations nail all gang rape suspects
MiD DAY traces the sequence of the probe -- right from finding the first lead, a 10-year-old boy in Dhobi Talao six hours after the incident -- to the arrest of Salim Ansari from Delhi last morning. (Read more)
50 hours, 5 arrests
We trace the sequence of the probe that landed all five suspects in the police net in less than three days of the crime. (View photos)
Accused's mother may be booked for obstructing justice
Mother of Kasim Bangali, the fourth accused in the gang rape, kept him informed of the police's movements with the help of a petrol pump employee.  (Read more)

Cops arrest fifth accused from Delhi, all suspects apprehended
The Mumbai Crime Branch has arrested the fifth accused from New Delhi in the gangrape case of a 22-year-old photojournalist. The fourth accused was also arrested on Sunday morning in Mumbai. (Read more)

Mumbai Cops leave rape scene unguarded
Less than 48 hours after the sickening rape at Shakti Mills in Mahalaxmi, our correspondents find the scene of crime unguarded, save a plastic tape surrounding the place, which says ‘work in progress’. Experts slam callous cops, say crucial evidence could go missing (Read more)

Rapists slept, watched films after crime
Cops arrest two more accused in Mahalaxmi rape case, massive manhunt on for gang leaders Saleem and Kasim Bangali (Read more)

Mumbai gangrape: Complete coverage
Searching for clues: Even as cops arrested few of the accused, they continued to hunt for leads at the mill and comb the tracks at Mahalaxmi, the spot where the accused dropped her so that she wouldn’t go to the police station. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

Docs conduct forensic tests on rape accused
Doctors at Nagpada Police Hospital collect blood, hair and semen samples of the accused, send them to Kalina forensic lab for analysis (Read more)

Did callous cops help rape mastermind escape?
Main accused Kasim Bangali’s mother says Agripada cops called up her son at 11 pm on Thursday and asked him to come to the police station. Kasim promptly switched off his phone and escaped (Read more)

Braveheart recovers under all-women medical team
A posse of cops are on round-the-clock guard inside and outside the Jaslok Hospital. The 22-year-old victim’s condition, meanwhile, has improved and she is talking to her family members, say doctors (Read more)

Rape accused regular offenders
Shakti Mill rapists arrested for petty crimes in the past (Read more)

Third arrest in Mumbai gangrape
A third accused in the gangrape of a woman photo-journalist was arrested here Saturday even as a court sent two other accused, including one arrested earlier in the day, to police custody till Aug 30 (Read more)

Cops to grill two accused till August 30
A Mumbai magistrate Saturday remanded Vijay Jadhav and co-accused Chand Babu Sattar Shaikh in the gangrape of a woman photo-journalist to police custody till Aug 30 (Read more)

Second accused nabbed by Mumbai Police
The investigation into the gang-rape inched ahead as police nabbed another of the four absconding accused, taking the total arrests to two so far, an official said on Saturday. (Read more)

Traumatised, but brave victim heads to hospital, helps cop
Battered and bleeding, the 22- year- old braveheart headed straight to Jaslok Hospital and spoke to doctors, who immediately collected crucial samples that will serve as evidence; she then gave a complete statement to the police and even provided the names of two of her assailants. (Read more)

Victim's colleague took cops around crime spot, identified rapist
Despite being brutally assaulted by the five rapists, the male colleague ( identity protected) who accompanied the 22- year- old victim to Shakti Mills Compound did not back down from helping her. (Read more)

Are the accused hiding in Vashi, Govandi?
After arresting one of the offenders, cops have been tracing the locations of the absconders through their mobile phones. (Read more)

Shakti Mills, a haven for druggies
The compound, with its overgrown foliage, offers a perfect hideout and the structures inside with broken pillars, stairs and windows resemble a haunted mansion. (Read more)

Police cover for female scribes in isolated spots: Home Min
Embattled Home Minister RR Patil assures protection for female media persons, special campaign to displace anti- social elements from secluded areas. (Read more)

State grants Rs 15 crore for police investigations
Taking note of the fact that these officers often have to spend from their own pockets while travelling to solve cases, the state home department has earmarked the funds to be used exclusively to reimburse them. (Read more)

A view of Shakti Mills from our photographer's lens
On Thursday night, a couple of hours after the young journalist was gangraped at Shakti Mills, Sayed Sameer Abedi was on the spot. (View photos)

I was shocked to see that such a place actually existed in S Mumbai: Senior photojournalist
Our  photographer Sayed Sameer Abedi’s first- person account of what he saw when he reached the spot. (Read more)

Photojournalists refuse to bow down to fear
MiD DAY speaks to women photojournalists, who say that even though they are distressed, they will continue to do their job. (Read more)

Scribes unite to demand stricter laws
Over 100 media persons sporting black bands over their mouths collected at Hutatma Chowk protesting against the gang rape of the 22- year- old photojournalist. (Read more)

'Need to change mindset of people'
City residents feel that unless boys are taught to respect women from an early age, there will be no change in the condition of women. (Read more)

Celebs tweet their outrage
Celebtrities take to Twitter to express disgust over the recent gang rape incident in the city. Here's what they say... (Read more)

'Security at mills need to be beefed up'
Chairperson of the Forum of Environmental Journalists of India, Darryl D'Monte also adds that Shakti Mills should have been turned into an open space rather than letting it fall into ruins. (Read more)

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