Mumbai gangrape: Docs conduct forensic tests on rape accused

Aug 25, 2013, 08:10 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

Doctors at Nagpada Police Hospital collect blood, hair and semen samples of the accused, send them to Kalina forensic lab for analysis

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Two of the three men arrested in the Shakti Mills rape case were produced before doctors attached to the Nagpada Police Hospital for medical examination on Saturday. While one of the accused was nabbed on Friday, the NM Joshi Marg police brought in the other accused on Saturday evening.

Cops presented one of the accused in the rape case at Bhoiwada court on Saturday. Pic/ Jay Mungekar

Police Surgeon SM Patil told SUNDAY MiD DAY, “We have collected all the 11 samples for chemical analyser findings and have handed over the data to the concerned officers. The samples will now be sent to the forensics science laboratory in Kalina.”

A forensic expert attached to the hospital said the accused men’s scalp hair, nail clippings, blood for grouping, genital wash and x-ray had been taken, which will help in age determination as well.

A doctor, who conducted the tests, explained that the scalp and pubic hair would help in matching with any foreign hair found on the victim’s body, while the nail clippings will help in ascertaining whether there was any struggle and whether the victim’s blood stains or skin was stuck to the nails. The blood grouping of the accused will be useful in comparing the bloodstains found on the victim’s clothes. Also the DNA of the blood samples will help in matching with that of the seminal stains.

Meanwhile, the doctors also confirmed that once they receive the final chemical analysis report they would be in a position to submit their final report. However, the doctors said they had to spend a long time conducting the medical examination, as the new guidelines from the court has made paper work extensive.

Earlier a single page was sufficient to write down the notes, but now the number of pages in each cases runs to seven to eight pages. Also all the 91 police stations across the city bring data of sexual assault cases to the police surgeon hospital in Nagpada, and it becomes difficult for doctors to examine and write down lengthy notes. On an average seven to eight cases are brought to the Nagpada police hospital every day. 

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