Mumbai gangrape: Need to change mindset of people, say Mumbaikars

Aug 24, 2013, 10:01 IST | Iram Siddique and Neha L M Tripathi

City residents feel that unless boys are taught to respect women from an early age, there will be no change in the condition of women

Zaheer Khan, Chembur resident
Our society needs to mature, as a girl is still expected to be at home early in the evening. A girl is still expected to opt for a 9 to 5 job. It’s the men who need to understand that if a girl is walking alone on a street, it is their duty to make sure she is protected from vandals.

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Shaheen Khan, Teacher
While we have witnessed the ascendancy of women in various fields, the fact remains that it is still a male dominated society. I do think Mumbai is the safest city. I travel from Byculla to Kurla almost daily, but haven’t felt any fear while commuting. It is very sad that this incident has happened.

Sheela Doshi, Banker
I am very upset with the government. A law was enacted after the Delhi gang rape incident, but what about its implications? The accused should be handed over to the public and they should be castrated.

Priyanka Udeshi, Student
There has to be a change in the mindset of the people. Young boys must be educated from an early age that women must be respected. Only this can bring about a change.

Satia Dudi, Bandra resident
I am a married woman and a budding journalist. I have switched off my television since last night, since I fear my in-laws would not allow me to pursue my career. Such incidents create fear in the minds of the family due to which girls are then restricted.

Durga Bhosle, Student
The culprits should be handed to the public. Until and unless these men aren’t taught a lesson, the condition of the city and country at large will remain the same. Laws need to be laid down or else such incidents will continually take place.

Leona Nathan, Mahim
Nothing can be more shameful for society than this incident and the end result would most likely be the same — protest for few days and then everything is back to square one. The culprits should be hanged to death.

Juhi Maheshwari, Student
Strict action must be taken against the culprits so that people never think about committing such a heinous crime in future. It seems that there is a thought deeply entrenched in their minds that no matter what they will go scot-free.

Rajeevi Inturu, Student from Bangalore
We came to Mumbai for a few days and are shocked that something like this has occurred here. Self-defence has become a must these days without which survival is impossible

(As told to Iram Siddique and Neha L M Tripathi)

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