Mumbai gangrape: Victim's colleague took cops around crime spot, identified rapist

Aug 26, 2013, 19:51 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Despite being brutally assaulted by the five rapists, the male colleague ( identity protected) who accompanied the 22- year- old victim to Shakti Mills Compound did not back down from helping her

After she helped to untie him, the colleague called up the office staff and informed them of the incident. He then took her to Jaslok Hospital and got her admitted.

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Get the message: The T-shirt of the victim’s colleague sent out an ironical message to the world yesterday. He accompanied policemen to the scene of crime and helped investigators gather crucial evidence. Pics/Sayed Sameer Abedi

Even though he himself was under shock, the man ensured that he did the right things. His presence of mind and bravery was evident when he described the features of the accused to the sketch artist on the night of the incident accurately. The police commissioner stated that his description matched 85 per cent.

Once he had helped the sketch artist draw up the visuals, he gave a detailed statement to the investigating officers. His description of the accused and the sequence of events helped the police nab the first of the five accused.

He then, fearlessly, identified the accused and the latter was formally arrested.

Scene of crime
The man then accompanied the police officers that included a senior police inspector, a Deputy Commissioner of Police and an Additional Commissioner of Police to the Shakti Mills compound.

He took them along the trail and after trudging through the foliage of the abandoned mill compound for nearly 30 minutes, the team arrived at the scene of crime where the 22-year-old was gang raped.

His father and elder brother also accompanied him to the spot.

The officials had to deploy high-end lights to make their way through the abandoned structure. The man then showed the spot where he was tied up by the accused, and also the spots where the girl was raped.

A Forensics team and a dog squad also surveyed the scene of crime and picked up crucial evidence from the spots and sent it for examination.

After surveying the scene of crime, the man went back to the police station and helped screen more suspects that the police had apprehended. 

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